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  • Senior Software Engineer
    Number :1
    Date: 2019-05-21


    R&D Center

    Requirements for professional qualifications:

    Bachelor degree or above, major in machinery, electronics and software

    Hands-on background:

    More than 10 years working experience

    professional knowledge:

    1、Proficient in embedded Linux and software architecture design;

    2、Familiar with CNC NC Machining Principle;

    3、Familiar with mechanical manufacturing process and equipment

    Post Skills:

    Strong planning and execution skills, and good team spirit

    Brief description of post responsibilities:

    1、Responsible for independent working groups to provide guidance or support to subordinate members;

    2、Participate in software product project planning and formulate specific project implementation plan;

    3、Integrate and optimize resources needed for project development;

    4、Responsible for the improvement of software development technology, specification and standard process;

    5、Design and Analysis of Participating Software System;

    6、According to the development schedule and task assignment, complete the design, development and programming tasks of the corresponding module software.。

    7、Responsible for the overall development of Linux Software platform, including software architecture design;

    8、Linux Platform Driver Development, Linux CNC System Customization Development, Coding and Linux Platform Real-time Kernel Transplantation

  • Quality Commissioner
    Number :1
    Date: 2019-05-21


    General Manager

    Requirements for professional qualifications:

    College degree or above, major in machinery, electronics or electronics

    Hands-on background:

    More than 6 years experience in automation industry and 3 years management experience。

    professional knowledge:

    1、Deeply Understanding ISO Quality Management System

    2、Familiar with all kinds of quality control knowledge;

    3、Familiar with quality control process of incoming material, production process and delivery link;

    4、Familiar with electronic, hardware, plastic and other product characteristics and inspection standards;

    5、Familiar with sampling standards, industry standards or national standards for reliability of electronic products。

    Post Skills:

    1、Strong technical ability in electronic and structural engineering, able to analyze and solve problems independently;

    2、Skilled in using all kinds of measuring instruments and tools;

    3、Rich experience in supplier quality management and customer complaint handling;

    4、Ability to train inspectors in quality control knowledge and quality awareness。

    Brief description of post responsibilities:

    1、Responsible for establishing and improving quality control system and supervising effective implementation;

    2、Formulate and maintain all kinds of inspection operation guidance documents, and supervise the effective implementation;

    3、Leading organization quality improvement activities, including cause analysis, improvement measures, effect confirmation, continuous follow-up, etc.;

    4、Conduct data statistics and analysis, and formulate quality weekly, monthly and annual reports;

    5、Responsible for the training of inspectors and other related quality standards;

    6、Leading Organization's Confirmation, Control and Management of Non-conforming Products;

  • Robot Director
    Number :1
    Date: 2019-05-21


    System Integration Department

    Requirements for professional qualifications:

    Bachelor degree or above, major in machinery and automation

    Hands-on background:

    More than 6 years experience in automation industry and 3 years management experience。

    professional knowledge:

    1.Familiar with industrial robots and non-standard automation market。   

    2、Understanding of industrial robots and common equipment system knowledge, understanding of mechanical and electrical control principles  

    3、Proficiency in project management, especially risk management。 

    4、Knowledge of product manager or marketing。

    5、Skilled working software: CAD, OOFICE, SOLIDWORKS or PROE

    Post Skills:

    1.According to the company's development and market situation, the ability to use product manager's thinking to formulate system integration business development planning; 

    2.Ability to design overall solutions and communicate with customers ;

    3.Risk Assessment Ability of Technical Scheme and Project Risk Control Ability;

    4.Customer Marketing Ability ;

    5.Resource Integration Ability;

    6、Ability to execute, resist pressure, time management and multi-task;

    7、Strong entrepreneurial spirit and rich team management experience;

    Brief description of post responsibilities:

    1、 According to the company's strategic direction, plan the overall goal of the robot project and effectively decompose the short-term and medium-term goals.;

    2、Departmental internal construction and management, responsible for the cost and sales performance of the business department, according to the formulated marketing strategy to effectively carry out sales work, complete sales tasks;

    3、 Responsible for the overall evaluation and decision-making of technical schemes, demonstration of feasible schemes, prediction and control of technical risks;

    4、 Responsible for overall project schedule control, specific project design and technical decomposition of new product development process, and guide the implementation of robot project plan.;

    5、Organize and manage R&D personnel to complete relevant project R&D work, ensure R&D direction and progress, and tackle key technical problems in R&D process.;

    6、Investigation and analysis of the industrial robot market, research peer and Industry Development;

    7、Responsible for organizing related personnel to prepare and file technical documents such as product technical data and intellectual property application.;

    8、Organize pre-sale and after-sale work to ensure the quality of service。

  • Industry Promotion Commissioner
    Number :0
    Date: 2019-05-21


    Marketing Department

    Requirements for professional qualifications:

    College or above, majoring in machinery and electrical engineering

    Hands-on background:

    More than 1 year experience in marketing or sales of automation industry

    professional knowledge:

    1.More than 1 year experience in marketing or sales of automation industry,;

    2.Non-standard equipment, CNC industry experience is preferred;

    Post Skills:

    1.Strong communication skills and teamwork spirit;

    2.Passionate and able to resist pressure。

    Brief description of post responsibilities:

    1.Expanding Industry Customer Resources and Deeply Understanding Customer Demand;

    2.Deeply understand the advantages of the company's products from the industry dimension, and assist product managers to refine the selling points of products and solutions.;

    3.According to product characteristics and customer needs, extract industry promotion plan

    4.Periodically do a good job in the analysis of industry competitors, while combining their strengths and weaknesses, formulate the company's industry market competitiveness strategy;

    5.Regular publicity and promotion of the industry and effect analysis;

    6.Collect and design publicity materials for Industry Promotion 

  • Talent Idea
    Number :0
    Date: 2019-04-01

    Talent Idea:

    Talents are the company's first resource. We should adhere to the criteria of employing people with both ability and morality and the methods of selecting people with democracy, openness, competition and excellence. The implementation of humanized management, in order to achieve the overall objectives of the enterprise, at the same time, to provide each employee with full realization of self-worth development space. We should explore the establishment of a pluralistic incentive system and vigorously create a good atmosphere of respecting labor, knowledge, talent and creativity.

    Corporate Welfare:

    1、Compensation and remuneration with advantages in the industry, diversified incentive policies, and humanized working environment;

    2、Five days and eight hours;

    3、Five Insurance and One Pension: Pension, Medical Care, Birth, Work Injury, Unemployment and Housing Provident Fund;

    4、All Commercial Accident Insurance;

    5、Statutory holidays, paid annual holidays and other holidays stipulated by the State;

    6、Holiday gifts; birthday gifts, wedding gifts, baby gifts, etc.;

    7、Annual travel, outdoor development。

    8、Rich team activities; birthday party, afternoon tea, etc.;

    9、Career development;

    10、Household registration transfer。

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