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On the afternoon of July 31, a group of artificial intelligence experts from home and abroad, a group of Shenzhen artificial intelligence enterprises, gathered in the Shenzhen Dazu Technology Center, in the 'Artificial Intelligence Industrialization Road Summit Forum' hosted by the Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association. 'There was a lot of 'sparks' on the collision: there are both sharing and cooperation plans for cutting-edge technologies, as well as the future development direction of the Shenzhen artificial intelligence industry. The forum was hosted by F...
Date: 2019 - 08 - 15
From August 26th to September 26th, pick up your mobile phone and record the image of your company's Shanlong Zhikong products, and publish it in the chatter or WeChat circle of friends, you will have the chance to win a grand prize! prize settings:l  First prize  1 person   value 299 yuan Xiaomi Xiaoai classmate speaker   1 setl  second prize  5 person   value 169 yuan Millet sports bracelet4   1 setl  Third prize  10 person   value 89 yuan Millet bracket type Bluetooth selfie stick ...
Date: 2019 - 08 - 23
On July 30, Liu Li, chief scientist of Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, Qi Fengfeng, chief expert of applied technology, and Zhou Caijian, chief industry expert of machine vision, visited Shanlong for a visit. Chairman Li Yaobin and director of marketing department Guo Wei made a passion. Reception. All three experts are nationally appointed experts and have very important research results in artificial intelligence. The experts visited the production line and exhibition hall of CNC system, servo system and screw machine, and were very interested in the products and techn...
Date: 2019 - 08 - 01
On July 28th, with the scorching sun, the 72 elites of Shanlong Zhizhi spent an unforgettable day together at the Shenzhen Dapeng Training Base. On this day, there is enthusiasm for mutual participation, a tacit understanding of cooperation, a trembling of high-altitude challenges, and a passion to turn over the wall. From the temporary establishment of the team in the morning, the six teams with competition, to the afternoon, the entire team overtook the 4.2-meter high wall, disrupting the original department cooperation, and the entire team worked in an orderly manner to expand the training ...
Date: 2019 - 08 - 01
Role is a habit, excellence is a force。Today, I am introducing such an excellent engineer - Li Yuanfu, alias 'Fu Ge', his label isPassion, positive energy, professionalism, dedicationand many more. Let's take a look at the growth of Fogo.Li Yuanfu  System Integration Department  Electrical manager Shan Long is my second homeShan Long is the first love of Fu Ge. He graduated from Fu Ge University in 2011 and has passed eight years.。Just entering the mountain dragon, just in time to catch up with the Shanlong CNC system, Foge will plunged into the research and development a...
Date: 2019 - 07 - 18
July 3,Shanlong ZhikongThe IPR Startup Conference was successfully held at the company headquarters. The general manager of the company, Zeng Yuquan and the representative of the standard counseling organization attended the meeting. The meeting also included nearly 20 heads of the company's departments and related positions.Intellectual property rights “compliance”, that is, the implementation of the “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations” (GB/T 29490-2013), which is the first national standard for intellectual property management in China, which was formulated by the St...
Date: 2019 - 07 - 11
The three-day 2019 South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition closed on the 28th. As the authoritative exchange platform for the intelligent manufacturing and automation industry in South China, the exhibition covers an area of 35,000 square meters, bringing together 512 countries and regions from Germany, South Korea, Canada, the United States, Japan, Singapore, China and Italy. Top companies, focusing on smart manufacturing, industrial robots, intelligent control systems, mechanical transmission systems, machine vision, industrial Internet of things and other six sectors, equ...
Date: 2019 - 07 - 11
On June 14th, 2019, the 'Bobken middot; 2019 (2nd) High-tech Robot Integrator Conference and Top Ten Integrator Awards Ceremony' held by Gaogong Robots ended successfully in Dongguan, Songshan Lake Everbright We Valley. Initiated by a high-tech robotAfter the fierce competition in the selection of the Top Ten System Integrators in 2019, the dust finally settled. Shanlong Zhikong relies on intelligent screw machines and solutions.The outstanding performance of the 3C industry successfully won the “Top Ten System Integrators of 2019” in the 3C industry.It is understood that this award ce...
Date: 2019 - 06 - 27
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