Shanlong Zhikong: screw lock payment intelligent upgrade

Date: 2019-04-01
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The lock screw is simple, but it is not easy to lock the screw. It is even more difficult to meet the customer's expectations when the screw is locked.

Based on years of assembly experience in the 3C and smart home appliance industry, Shanlong Zhikong, which is committed to “screw the lock to the end”, has begun a new exploration: it gives the screw machine more intelligent, flexible and cost-effective. On the basis of independent research and development of motion control and vision systems, all electrified products will be localized, and together with strategic partners, products with double breakthroughs in cost and performance will be built.

  “In terms of motion control and vision, we have strong R&D capabilities. All of our entire electrical components must be developed independently, including control and software, and the mechanical part is also looking for strategic partners.” General Manager of Shanlong Zhikong Zeng Yuquan said that in his view, if he is not good at giving things to strategic partners, and all the things he is good at will be localized, he can make a most cost-effective product.

Shanlong Zhikong: screw lock payment intelligent upgrade

  At present, Shanlong Zhikong's new generation of intelligent screw machine has been launched in the market. It only takes 5 minutes to change the line. It is especially suitable for online assembly of “multi-variety and small batch” products. It is perfectly combined with bar code recognition and intelligent electric batch technology. Assembly data The MES system is uploaded in real time, and the assembly process is transparent. The integrated control and servo electric batch technology with independent intellectual property rights can help customers to achieve customization easily.

  Fit small appliances with screw lock

  Every screw that has no locks means a huge risk.

  For example, on a keyboard of a laptop, it is necessary to lock dozens of small screws, and the back of the notebook keyboard is the circuit board. If the screw lock is not in place, the floating height occurs, and the screw is placed on the thin film circuit board. It is easy to short circuit after wearing, and the whole laptop will burn off.。

  “For this reason, Shanlong Zhikong's screw machine with machine vision and intelligent electric batch came into being. 'Zeng Yuquan said that for the development of the small household appliances market as the key layout of the 2019 key, the first thing facing the problem is the high and smooth teeth encountered in the screw locking process.。

  The solution is to install a smart electric batch that can realize real-time torque detection on the screw machine, but the foreign brands are expensive, and it is obviously impossible to use the foreign smart electric batch within the cost range proposed by the terminal enterprise. To this end, Shanlong Zhikong independently developed a smart electric batch. Through accurate torque feedback monitoring, the intelligent electric batch can detect the screws that have not been hit in real time, and adjust them in time to realize the side lock detection.

  Originally, the pneumatic electric batch adopts the open-loop control method. The screw machine can only directly hit down after the force is applied. There is no way to accurately control whether the screw is in place, and the closed-loop control of the intelligent electric batch can effectively solve this problem.。

  In fact, the smart electric batch can precisely control the tightening force of the screw. In some occasions where the manual fuzzy control is used to achieve the tightening effect, the advantages are incomparable and have huge market space.。

  For example, in the assembly of scooters, there is a complicated process point. After the pulley is tightened, it needs to be reversed to prevent the pulley from being stuck. The difficulty lies in the control of the reverse screwing force. Excessively, the pulley is easy to loosen in long-term use. Originally, the manual control is used to control the turning back. Now, by accurately detecting the torque through the intelligent electric batch, the tightening force and the reverse number of turns can be controlled, thereby effectively reducing the manual operation belt. Uncertainties

  “There are a lot of wastes when you manually assemble them. The lock screws are not so simple, you can't screw them up. 'Zeng Yuquan said。

  Flexible improvement is the difficulty in difficulty

  At present, SCARA screw machines are new and the screw locking function is further improved. However, domestic products that can meet customer requirements are still rare.。

  Zeng Yuquan said that it is even more difficult to meet the expectations of customers when the screws are locked. For example, the customer's request is 500ppm, which is still a difficult requirement for the domestic screw machines. However, Shanlong Zhikong has been working hard in this direction, and the new generation of screw machines will achieve a failure rate of one thousandth.。

  Short changeover time is another difficulty, which means that the tooling plate cannot be used in the design of the solution. It is necessary to optimize the line by the optimization of the visual processing algorithm.。

  “Because after each product change, the vision has to be recalibrated, how to shorten the visual calibration time, this is very difficult, must be improved by the algorithm, so that it is intelligent enough and flexible to meet the needs of customers, if only screw Locking, this simple, plus the time of change of the line, this is difficult to achieve. To this end, we have specially developed an intelligent calibration algorithm that greatly reduces the calibration time. 'Zeng Yuquan said。

  It is reported that Shanlong Zhikong has a system of talent reserve construction covering doctoral experts, system architects and engineers. The entire R&D team covers three areas: vision technology, control technology, and production line technology. Relying on the advantages of the R&D team, Shanlong Zhikong has relatively strong motion control and visual technology research and development capabilities.

  “Automation seems simple, but you have to do it very well, it's very hard, it's hard. He concluded。

  In addition, in order to further improve the efficiency of the screw machine, in the new product design, Shanlong Zhikong changed the way the original straw sucked the screw into a blow screw, which reduced the step of sucking the screw and greatly improved the efficiency of the screw machine.。

  It is worth mentioning that on March 28, 2019, Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition was grandly opened at the Convention and Exhibition Center. At the exhibition, Shanlong Zhikong brought its smart screw machine to the show. In addition to the intelligent screw machine, Shanlong Zhikong Standard cycle time 0.45S, support multi-thread development, SCARA with end vibration suppression and resonance suppressionrobotAnd the bus type injection molding machine robot special drive control machine CD6030 also debut, attracted the audience to stop watching。

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Shanlong Zhikong: screw lock payment intelligent upgrade

Shanlong Zhikong: screw lock payment intelligent upgrade

Shanlong Zhikong: screw lock payment intelligent upgrade

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