Shanlong Zhikong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Skyworth (1)

Date: 2019-01-23
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On January 21, 2019, Shanlong Zhikong and Skyworth Intelligent Equipment officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanlong Technology. The two parties will cooperate in the spirit of 'reciprocity, mutual benefit, stability, long-lasting, high efficiency and high quality' in smart equipment. In-depth cooperation in areas such as sports control.


Shanlong Zhikong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Skyworth (1)

Wang Dehui, chairman of Skyworth Intelligent Equipment, said in his speech that on the basis of previous cooperation, the strategic signing signifies that the cooperation between Skyworth Intelligent Equipment and Shanlong Zhikong has entered a new historical development stage. We will strive to build new opportunities and new mechanisms for cooperation and development, further deepen resource utilization, business integration and other comprehensive cooperation, enhance strategic synergy levels and levels, and enhance innovation capabilities.

Shanlong Zhikong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Skyworth (1)

As a leading domestic industrial robot solution provider, Shanlong Zhikong has developed a flexible visual SCARA screw machine with the advantages of independent research and development of control systems and machine vision technology. In recent years, it has been known as “multi-variety, small batch”. The 3C electronics industry is growing rapidly. Its automated assembly solution with visual screw machine as its core has won recognition from many well-known home appliance companies and has emerged in the field of 3C automation assembly. 'In 2018, in the case of slowdown in the growth of the entire robotics industry, Shanlong Zhikong has doubled its revenue growth,' said Zeng Yuquan, general manager of Shanlong Zhikong.


As a leading company in the home appliance industry, Skyworth is the first in the industry to realize the urgency and inevitability of automation. In 2013, Skyworth was established and a professional robot R&D team was established to fully launch the “Robot Strategy”. Under the overall strategy of building the world's most dominant home appliance factory, Skyworth's goal is to have a robotic capacity of 1,000 units/10,000 by 2022, a productivity increase of 250%, and a machine turnover rate of 70%.

Shanlong Zhikong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Skyworth (1)


However, due to the high complexity of the products, the variety of models, and the rapid replacement, the home appliance industry has much higher flexibility requirements for automation equipment than the automotive and food industries. At present, there is no automation equipment that can be used in the home appliance industry. “Customization + Cooperative R&D” is a common method adopted by the home appliance industry to promote automation.


Relying on the mature assembly plan previously made by a certain home appliance giant, Shanlong Zhikong can quickly copy it into Skyworth's production line and quickly adjust it according to its production line characteristics. The technical advantage of Shanlong Zhikong in the 3C assembly field is the basis for its ability to quickly solve the production line problem. It is reported that the control system, visual technology and ontology of Shanlong Zhikong are independent research and development, which enables Shanlong Zhikong to respond to the design of the scheme freely and has a high cost performance.


Li Yaobin, Chairman of Shanlong Zhikong, said that the strategic cooperation between Skyworth Intelligent Equipment and Shanlong Zhikong is a model of strong cooperation, cooperation and mutual benefit. I believe that this cooperation is not only a complementary advantage in the business field, but also an opportunity for both parties to help each other in corporate culture and technology exchange. It can not only make achievements in the intelligent transformation of the home appliance industry, but also A broader vision of the field of intelligence!


According to the strategic cooperation agreement, Skyworth and Shanlong Zhikong will jointly promote project development with the goal of mutual benefit and sustainable development. Skyworth will be supported by Shanlong Zhikong's advanced automation technology to accelerate the construction of its automated production line and smart factory. Shanlong Zhikong will take advantage of cooperation as an opportunity to deeply explore the market demand of the home appliance industry and enhance its brand in the field of automation in the home appliance industry. Influence.

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