Shanlong Robot won another award "2018 Shenzhen Top Ten Robot Key Parts Enterprise Award"

Date: 2019-01-15
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At the beginning of the new year, Shanlong Zhizhi has a good news and the mountain dragon robot has won another award.

On January 14, 2019, the 2018 Shenzhen Robotics Annual Awards Ceremony was held at the 2019 Shenzhen Robot Innovation and Development Forum. In this award ceremony, Shenzhen Shanlong Zhikong Co., Ltd. once again won the “2018 Shenzhen Top Ten Robot Parts and Components Enterprise Award” with its excellent product strength.


Shanlong Robot won another award


This annual selection event is organized by the Shenzhen Robot Association in conjunction with the 'Robots and Intelligent Systems' magazine. Through the active participation of all-industry companies each year, the Shenzhen robot industry is focused on, from technological innovation, excellent cases, market competitiveness, annual events, Comprehensive evaluation of market reputation, scale and other dimensions, aiming at awarding outstanding companies and leaders who have outstanding performance and contributions in the field of robotics, promoting the all-round development of the robot industry chain, encouraging industry technological innovation and upgrading products. Performance and quality.


Shanlong Robot won another award


As the leading supplier of industrial robot solutions in the industry, from the establishment of CNC system in 2008 to today, Shanlong has gone through 10 years. With the advantage of CNC system, Shanlong Zhikong is driven by technology and application in 2013. After cutting into the robot industry, it has become a backbone of the 3C assembly automation industry. The key components of the mountain dragon robot, such as the control system and the control and control machine, are independently developed by Shanlong. They apply for and obtain a number of invention patents, appearance patents, software copyrights, etc., and have a good user base. Shanlong online vision screw machine assembly solution has also been successfully applied to giant companies such as TCL, Skyworth, Lenovo, etc., and has become a quality supplier of these giant enterprises.


Shanlong Robot won another award


In 2019, Shanlong will sail again and continue to optimize the performance of the robot body and key components, provide more complete solutions, penetrate the industry and serve customers!

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