Shanyuan outstanding employee Li Yuanfu - do not forget the initial heart and go all out

Date: 2019-07-18
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Role is a habit, excellence is a force。

Today, I am introducing such an excellent engineer - Li Yuanfu, alias 'Fu Ge', his label isPassion, positive energy, professionalism, dedicationand many more. Let's take a look at the growth of Fogo.

Shanyuan outstanding employee Li Yuanfu - do not forget the initial heart and go all out

Li Yuanfu  System Integration Department  Electrical manager

Shan Long is my second home

Shan Long is the first love of Fu Ge. He graduated from Fu Ge University in 2011 and has passed eight years.。

Just entering the mountain dragon, just in time to catch up with the Shanlong CNC system, Foge will plunged into the research and development and on-site support of the CNC system. Occasionally, Fu Ge also talked about 'the time of laughing with the brother in Dongyang.' In 2014, Li Yuanfu participated in the research and development of new project robot control system due to his outstanding work performance. In 2016, he led the research and development and field application of the company's intelligent screw machine. He has become the electrical manager of the system integration department. Li Yuanfu also became a 'Fu Ge' from 'Afu' in other populations.

“I have been working in Shanlong for 8 years. I have participated in the research and development of CNC machine systems, SCARA, intelligent screw machines and other products. The mountain dragon is my second home. I am willing to do my best to serve customers and help the company. Rapid development. Li Yuanfu said with emotion。

Go all out for customer projects

At the end of 2016, the online vision screw machine developed by the company was fully launched in the automotive electronics production line of L customers. At the beginning of the project, due to insufficient applicability of the products and insufficient understanding of the customer's craftsmanship, Li Yuanfu led his team to work overtime at the customer's site to quickly solve the product problems by coordinating R&D resources internally, and actively communicated with customers to improve the process. After more than one month. The hard work of day and night, the project is delivered perfectly. Since then, the mountain dragon robot integration team with Li Yuanfu as the core has requested itself and the team with the concept of “continuous improvement, product king, and quality service”.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. With the experience of L customers, Shanlong online vision screw machine began to replicate in the market segment. At the T customer site, the Shanlong screw machine has been praised for its flexibility, high efficiency and stability. The on-site conversion takes only 5 minutes and the yield is 99.98%. It runs 24 hours a day.。

The good performance of Shanlong online vision screw machine has made Shanlong Zhikong gradually favored by more enterprises. In January 2019, Shanlong Zhikong and Skyworth Intelligent officially became strategic partners. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent equipment and motion control in the spirit of cooperation of “mutual benefit, mutual benefit, stability, permanence, high efficiency and high quality”. .

All these good results have witnessed the hard work of the system integration team.

The screw machine belongs to the production equipment. For the majority of production enterprises, the suspension of production is the biggest loss. This requires our team to be on call 24 hours a day, when the customer goes to work, we go to work with the line, when the customer gets off work, we go to work to repair the machine. In Fu Ge's team, all night is a common occurrence. Even the night when Fu Ge's baby daughter was born, he also debugged the machine in the customer's workshop, and had no time to rush back.

It is precisely this kind of employee with strong sense of responsibility and dedicated to the customer project. Shanlong screw machine has become more and more good in the sub-sector industry, and has been applied in large quantities for TV, intelligent hardware, automotive electronics and other fields. .

Continue to build the perfect team 

Everyone knows that there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team. Now, as the system integration departmentElectrical managerLi Yuanfu, unlike the single department when the department was first established, is leading the entire team and serving customers. He strives to improve the team's professional skills and communication and negotiation skills, so that employees can use the professional technical level to make the mountain dragon robot operate freely in the customer's production workshop, and have good psychological quality and communication ability in the face of customer's questions. When the project is delivered, they collect various opinions of the customers on the products. After the discussion, they propose modifications to the company, improve the functions of the existing products, make the performance of the company's products more stable, and keep up with the customer's needs.

In eight years, Li Yuanfu gained a career, a love, and was rated as a good employee for several years. For the future, he is very confident about the development of the mountain dragon. The technology of the mountain dragon screw machine is at the leading level in the industry of the sub-sector, and the development of the whole company is also in a rising stage. What you have to do is not forget the original heart. Everyone's strength is twisted into a rope, and the team is working hard to move forward. Under the leadership of the company's general manager, the core of the company will create a bright future!

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