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1、  Years of experience in 3C and intelligent household appliance industry2、  It only takes 5 minutes to change the line, especially suitable for online assembly of 'multi-variety and small-batch' products.3、The combination of barcode recognition and intelligent electric screwdriver is perfect. The assembly data is uploaded to MES system in real time, and the assembly process is transparent.4、Drive control integration with independent intellectual property rights and intelligent electric screwdriver can easily realize customization.
◆ Imported reducer and servo motor, repeated positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; ◆ Perfect soldering process for high-speed drag welding, spot welding and diagonal welding of various workpieces; ◆ The intelligent control system realizes the adjustable tin feeding speed, time and soldering tin quantity and precise control to ensure the welding quality; ◆ Touch-type handheld teaching device, easy to learn and use; ◆ Optional visual system, optional dynamic dispensing.
◆ Adopt imported reducer and servo motor, repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; ◆ Stable professional fluid control function, make the dispensing process more perfect; ◆ Rich I/O port for external connection of various machines, conveyor belts or PLCs, such as metering and mixing equipment and hot melt equipment; ◆ Touch handheld teaching device, easy to learn and use;◆ Optional visual system, optional dynamic point
◆  Standard cycle time 0.45 second , support multithreaded development;◆  With end vibration suppression function, the robot arm quickly locates the end without shaking;◆  With resonance suppression function, the robot arm has low noise and long service life;◆  It has abundant interfaces, supports two network interfaces, and is more convenient to dock with MES system.◆  The product arm length covers 400/600/800/1000mm four arm lengths and optional 5/10KG load.
◆ High-speed response: using a unique algorithm and control circuit to improve the speed of operation, the highest speed loop response frequency up to 1.6KHZ; ◆ Precise positioning: Supports 2500PPR multi-Motoron incremental encoder and supports Tamagawa 17-bit absolute encoder; ◆ Vibration suppression: With automatic resonance suppression notch filter, it can meet the parameter requirements of different loads or different operating conditions, which can shorten the positioning time and reduce the vibration.; ◆ Two-degree-of-freedom control method: It can better balance the tracking performance and anti-disturbance performance than the traditional PID control; take into account the low-frequency vibration-free and high-speed and high-precision machining control; ...
◆ WINDOWS style operation, friendly interface, easy to learn; ◆ The controller adopts embedded industrial control host, which is small in size and greatly reduces the volume of the control cabinet. ◆ The advanced motion control algorithm realizes 4-6 axis interpolation motion, and supports multiple interpolation modes of straight line, arc and spline curve; ◆ One teaching device can be used by multiple robots; ◆ Actuation switch, program lock, button, touch screen, emergency stop switch, etc. that meet the requirements of the robot; ◆ Superior ergonomic design, both hands can operate.
Integrated design High response, high efficiency, high performance Easy to use Rich interface Bus expansion
Integrated designHigh response, high efficiency, high performanceEasy to useRich interfaceBus extension
CD6030 three-axis drive integrated system support: visual positioning, origin switch, intermediate relay, USB device, touch screen, support PC-side management, display, electronic handwheel, I / O board
CI 3140 uses a high-performance X86 platform. It is a metal sculpture numerical control system independently designed and developed by Shanlong. It is equipped with 10.4 full-color screens and full keyboard input. It can customize function keys and operate more easily. Support direct row knife library, disk knife library, built-in soft PLC mode, support for Anchuan MECHATROL INK III bus communication control method, support I/O multi-level extended version cascade, maximum support 32 input 32 output, can achieve line docking, function expansion, Create optimal solutions and high-performance control systems for metal processing and grinding machine tools
CI3042 uses a high-performance modular platform, adopts a 10.4 inch full-color screen, full keyboard input, can define function keys, and is more convenient to operate. Supports direct row knife library, disc knife library and drill function, supports the MECHATROLINK II bus communication control method in Anchuan, supports the I/O multi-level extended version cascade, and supports 32 input and 32 output to meet the requirements of the board furniture processing center. Years of technical accumulation, in the processing process combined with motion control, to achieve high efficiency, high effectiveness, powerful functions and other characteristics
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