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CI1130 adopts a modular platform design, with a 14-inch full-color screen and a custom auxiliary function keyboard for metal milling carving. It is a metal milling numerical control system designed and developed by Shanlong. It supports automatic cutting fluids, automatic cooling, centered fixed points, and intermediate functions. Suitable for glass grinder, metal grinder, to the best cost, for customers to create the greatest value and optimal solutions to enhance the market competitiveness of customer products
CI1032 Design using modular platform,With 14 inch screen and assisted keyboard,It's easier to operate.Common Requirements for Plate Furniture,The system provides functions such as Four-cylinder multi-process、straight-row tool library、automatic feeding and laying-off、Automatic positioning, vacuum adsorption and other functions, and support double position, double pressure wheel, handwheel guidance, Breakpoint continuation, origin preservation, automatic knife, to meet the needs of CNC machine tools such as furniture carving, advertising cutting, metal processing, etc., with the best value for money, It has created the maximum value and the optimal solution for customers, and improved the market competitiveness of customers 'products
◆ Easy to useThe operating habits are the same as those of the mainstream system, and the 14-inch large industrial screen is more convenient to use. ◆ extensionsThe system supports automatic cutting function and supports multi-process functions of 4 tools.◆ Online programming functionThe quick find and replace function makes it easy for customers to quickly edit and process G code online.◆ Complete alarm promptIndependent servo alarm, spindle alarm, air pressure alarm, limit alarm, traffic light prompt, it is easy to find the problem at a glance, which provides convenience for after-sales.◆ Support hand wheel processingIn the handwheel mode, the machine can be moved under the pulsed strict counting state, and the handwheel guide can perform machining and reverse machining.◆ Support ne...
Product characteristicsEthernet motion controller, through the network interface to realize the control of multiple automation equipment;Has a maximum 2 MHz pulse frequency, making the control faster and more accurate;128-Bit encryption function, support program encryption download, make the program more secure;With U disk interface, touch screen interface, easy to use;The serial port increases the isolation module and the communication is more stable;upport hardware linear interpolation, hardware circular interpolation, spiral interpolation and other functions;Multi-axis continuous interpolation function, the continuous track speed optimization of the small line segment, so that the operation effect is better;Support PC software development, and provide function library, more convenient d...
◆ Servo standard wiringIt has standard servo wiring port, specific encoder zero feedback signal, servo alarm and other interfaces. ◆ Optimal path calculationOptimal path processing in the rotating shaft path ensures maximum machining efficiency. ◆ Brake functionIt has the functions of brake input and brake output, and the servo communicates with the system to ensure the coordination time of the motor brake, so that there will be no knives at the moment of starting and shutting down. ◆ Three-axis four-axis universalSupports three-axis round carving, three-axis flat carving, and four-axis circular carving switching. Only parameter configuration is required, and it can be used without adjusting the wiring. ◆ Support hand wheel processingIn the handwheel mode, the machine c...
CA100 is based on a modular platform and can be operated independently without a computer host. Avoid virus infection, bad contact caused by dislocation, lost step and other problems. Advanced adaptive speed forward control algorithm is adopted, which has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and good carving effect in the carving market. It is especially suitable for woodworking carving, advertising, cutting and other applications.
◆ Support for more processing file formatsSupports four-axis mainstream file formats on the market, including the ENG format output of JD6.0, the standard G code output of power mill, etc..◆ Support for network transmissionWith independent network port and wireless Wi-Fi function, combined with Shanlong management software to facilitate customer quantitative management, support system monitoring, file transmission and other functions◆ Supports absolute value encoder functionDue to the higher and higher requirements of the four-axis sculpture application, the system supports the absolute value encoder to read the actual position of the motor in real time, so that the carving accuracy is higher, and there is no error in the zero position of the power.◆ Servo alarm functionThe independent ser...
CS1030 is a handle three-axis controller based on ARM platform and independently customized based on Linux system. It is widely used in jade carving, jade carving, and advertising cutting. It has extremely high carving and milling accuracy and excellent processing stability., suitable for long-term high-precision processing.
Product characteristicsInput voltage :Single phase 220V •  Three phase 220VPower:0.2kW~3kWfasterHigh speed loop bandwidth: up to 1.8 kHzposition velocity command can be less than 2msThe maximum baud rate of MIII bus is 100 Mbps, and the transmission period is 31μs.Precisionsupporting 23-bit high-resolution encoderCommunication encoder is more suitable for long-distance motor controlConvenienceIndustrial Ethernet wires using RJ45 ports can be easy connected, and reducing the workload of wiringThe application of absolute encoder can save the home switch. Reducing the steps to homing
Servo drive and servo motor mounting dimensions  Servo motor installation dimension drawing
High control precision and fast dynamic response make the frame movement softer and more precise, effectively reducing the embroidery breakage rate, reducing mechanical wear and prolonging the use.With communication function, it can switch the gain in real time according to different needle lengths and improve the quality of embroidery; the driver parameters can be modified by the operation head, and the debugging is convenient;Perfect self-protection function, with undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, brake abnormality, encoder abnormality, control power abnormality, position error and other protection functions to closely monitor the machine operation, convenient to quickly find abnormal conditions and timely processing.
According to industry standards and the use of embroidery machine environment features a wide voltage design, E2 series servo drive supports single-phase AC220V soil 15% 50/60Hz or three-phase four-wire AC380V soil 15% 50/60Hz power input;Super versatility, can be connected with any embroidery machine system on the market, directly replace its servo drive, and does not need to replace the servo motor; perfect self-protection function, with overspeed, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overheating Such as abnormal protection function; 300% overload capacity, with strong load capacity;Control positioning accuracy +0.1%, stable running speed, fast and precise parking;The perfect monitoring function can closely monitor the running speed, current position, command pulse accumulat...
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