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◆ Support for more processing file formatsSupports four-axis mainstream file formats on the market, including the ENG format output of JD6.0, the standard G code output of power mill, etc..◆ Support for network transmissionWith independent network port and wireless Wi-Fi function, combined with Shanlong management software to facilitate customer quantitative management, support system monitoring, file transmission and other functions◆ Supports absolute value encoder functionDue to the higher and higher requirements of the four-axis sculpture application, the system supports the absolute value encoder to read the actual position of the motor in real time, so that the carving accuracy is higher, and there is no error in the zero position of the power.◆ Servo alarm functionThe independent ser...
CS1030 is a handle three-axis controller based on ARM platform and independently customized based on Linux system. It is widely used in jade carving, jade carving, and advertising cutting. It has extremely high carving and milling accuracy and excellent processing stability., suitable for long-term high-precision processing.
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