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System access methodThe system is networked with multiple embroidery machines in the factory through the network cable, and the server collects the data of the embroidery machine in real time. Users can access the server through a personal computer to know the status information of each embroidery machine, order progress and other information. Users can also access the server through other mobile terminals such as mobile phones to learn real-time data anytime, anywhere.Pattern informationUsers can query, upload and delete the patterns in the embroidery machine through the server, and do not need to copy the pattern through the U disk, thus ensuring the security of the flower version and preventing the flower version from leaking out. Users can manage all the patterns in the factory in a un...
Rich alphabet libraryThe alphabet library supports over 200 font designs;Support a variety of baseline combinations, including circles, arcs, lines, arbitrary curves, etc.; you can arbitrarily adjust the character spacing, baseline spacing; specify the alphabetical order.Editing functionThe plate-making system has powerful editing functions, which can realize functions such as shaping, stitch editing, deformation, mirroring, rotation, matrix garland copying, object conversion, curve shifting, removing short stitches, etc., providing users with more application tools and making more Beautiful flower version.Rich stitching effectThe pattern-making system provides rich stitching effects such as shrink compensation, short stitch steps, automatic lower seams, jagged edges, gradient fills, and f...
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