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The gun-bashing carpet machine control system realizes the automation of the gun-piercing process through 4-axis linkage, reduces the requirements on manual skills, and solves the problem of difficulty in recruiting.Use Shanlong's CAD plate-making software to design graphics and import them into the system, instead of printing the spur track map on the base cloth to avoid printing pollution;Shanlong's intelligent gun rug control system can realize two kinds of spurting processes: carpet flocking and tufting;The carpet pitch, stitch length and carpet surface density woven by the intelligent gun blasting machine control system are more uniform and precise, and the product quality is more stable;Intelligent disconnection alarm function, if the yarn breaks during the shot, the machine ...
◆ 10.4 inch full touch operation interface, good human-computer interaction experience;◆ In order to meet the ever-increasing number of heads, Shanlong introduced two-axis synchronous control to achieve precise synchronization of the two-axis position by adjusting the position deviation in real time;◆ Shanlong Innovation launched the WIFI flower distribution function to facilitate the management of the workshop pattern and effectively prevent the leakage of the version;◆ The system supports multi-task real-time operation. At the same time of embroidery, it can perform operations such as editing and modifying parameters to improve work efficiency.◆ Intelligent fault detection head board is convenient in wiring and low failure rate. It supports stepper motor lock head and independent hook li...
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