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◆ High-speed response: using a unique algorithm and control circuit to improve the speed of operation, the highest speed loop response frequency up to 1.6KHZ; ◆ Precise positioning: Supports 2500PPR multi-Motoron incremental encoder and supports Tamagawa 17-bit absolute encoder; ◆ Vibration suppression: With automatic resonance suppression notch filter, it can meet the parameter requirements of different loads or different operating conditions, which can shorten the positioning time and reduce the vibration.; ◆ Two-degree-of-freedom control method: It can better balance the tracking performance and anti-disturbance performance than the traditional PID control; take into account the low-frequency vibration-free and high-speed and high-precision machining control; ...
◆ WINDOWS style operation, friendly interface, easy to learn; ◆ The controller adopts embedded industrial control host, which is small in size and greatly reduces the volume of the control cabinet. ◆ The advanced motion control algorithm realizes 4-6 axis interpolation motion, and supports multiple interpolation modes of straight line, arc and spline curve; ◆ One teaching device can be used by multiple robots; ◆ Actuation switch, program lock, button, touch screen, emergency stop switch, etc. that meet the requirements of the robot; ◆ Superior ergonomic design, both hands can operate.
Integrated design High response, high efficiency, high performance Easy to use Rich interface Bus expansion
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