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Product characteristicsEthernet motion controller, through the network interface to realize the control of multiple automation equipment;Has a maximum 2 MHz pulse frequency, making the control faster and more accurate;128-Bit encryption function, support program encryption download, make the program more secure;With U disk interface, touch screen interface, easy to use;The serial port increases the isolation module and the communication is more stable;upport hardware linear interpolation, hardware circular interpolation, spiral interpolation and other functions;Multi-axis continuous interpolation function, the continuous track speed optimization of the small line segment, so that the operation effect is better;Support PC software development, and provide function library, more convenient d...
◆ Servo standard wiringIt has standard servo wiring port, specific encoder zero feedback signal, servo alarm and other interfaces. ◆ Optimal path calculationOptimal path processing in the rotating shaft path ensures maximum machining efficiency. ◆ Brake functionIt has the functions of brake input and brake output, and the servo communicates with the system to ensure the coordination time of the motor brake, so that there will be no knives at the moment of starting and shutting down. ◆ Three-axis four-axis universalSupports three-axis round carving, three-axis flat carving, and four-axis circular carving switching. Only parameter configuration is required, and it can be used without adjusting the wiring. ◆ Support hand wheel processingIn the handwheel mode, the machine c...
CA100 is based on a modular platform and can be operated independently without a computer host. Avoid virus infection, bad contact caused by dislocation, lost step and other problems. Advanced adaptive speed forward control algorithm is adopted, which has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and good carving effect in the carving market. It is especially suitable for woodworking carving, advertising, cutting and other applications.
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