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Servo drive and servo motor mounting dimensions  Servo motor installation dimension drawing
High control precision and fast dynamic response make the frame movement softer and more precise, effectively reducing the embroidery breakage rate, reducing mechanical wear and prolonging the use.With communication function, it can switch the gain in real time according to different needle lengths and improve the quality of embroidery; the driver parameters can be modified by the operation head, and the debugging is convenient;Perfect self-protection function, with undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, brake abnormality, encoder abnormality, control power abnormality, position error and other protection functions to closely monitor the machine operation, convenient to quickly find abnormal conditions and timely processing.
According to industry standards and the use of embroidery machine environment features a wide voltage design, E2 series servo drive supports single-phase AC220V soil 15% 50/60Hz or three-phase four-wire AC380V soil 15% 50/60Hz power input;Super versatility, can be connected with any embroidery machine system on the market, directly replace its servo drive, and does not need to replace the servo motor; perfect self-protection function, with overspeed, undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, overheating Such as abnormal protection function; 300% overload capacity, with strong load capacity;Control positioning accuracy +0.1%, stable running speed, fast and precise parking;The perfect monitoring function can closely monitor the running speed, current position, command pulse accumulat...
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