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◆ Imported reducer and servo motor, repeated positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; ◆ Perfect soldering process for high-speed drag welding, spot welding and diagonal welding of various workpieces; ◆ The intelligent control system realizes the adjustable tin feeding speed, time and soldering tin quantity and precise control to ensure the welding quality; ◆ Touch-type handheld teaching device, easy to learn and use; ◆ Optional visual system, optional dynamic dispensing.
◆ Adopt imported reducer and servo motor, repeat positioning accuracy ±0.01mm; ◆ Stable professional fluid control function, make the dispensing process more perfect; ◆ Rich I/O port for external connection of various machines, conveyor belts or PLCs, such as metering and mixing equipment and hot melt equipment; ◆ Touch handheld teaching device, easy to learn and use;◆ Optional visual system, optional dynamic point
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