Technology changes life Shanlong speed intelligent vending machine

Walking in the streets, vending machines are hard to find. Select the item, then scan the payment (or direct coin), and then you can get the goods we want. This is part of our daily life. From vending machines, we can buy drinks, fruits, snacks, lunches, etc. It is everything that is very convenient.

Technology changes life Shanlong speed intelligent vending machine

Vending Machine (VEM) is a machine that can automatically pay according to payment. It is a common equipment for commercial automation. It is not limited by time and place. It saves manpower and facilitates transactions. It is a brand new business. The retail form is also known as a 24-hour micro-supermarket.

    There are the following types of access methods from the vending machine.

Type 1: Self-fetching

Vending machines have a lot of small squares. Each small compartment has a separate door. You choose which item in the grid. After paying the money, the door will open automatically and the user will take out the goods.

Type 2: Push-out

Each row has a row of the same product. After the customer chooses to pay the money, the item is pushed out by the DC motor and dropped into the box.。

    However, vending machines are making progress, and the above two types of vending machines are now facing the following problems:

1、No one is selling goods, so how can we guarantee that the genuine products are sold, especially the more expensive goods such as cigarettes and wine? How to ensure that the products are sold within the warranty period, and some products with shorter shelf life, such as fruits, milk, etc.?

2、How do merchants know how much of the items in the unmanned vending machine are left?

3、In the past, merchants used goods from “out of the warehouse” to “customer purchases”. Although the products belonged to the merchants, they were not monitored by the merchants. How to solve this blind spot?


In order to solve the above problem, the third type of vending machine appeared!

Type 3: Automatic Grab

The vending machine can automatically complete the storage and retrieval of the goods through the internal conveyor belt and the robot, and the bar code is scanned during the storage and sale. At the same time, the sales data of each vending machine is transmitted to the cloud database in real time.


1:Goods will not be hurt;

       2:Read the product information by scanning the code to ensure that the goods that are stored and sold are genuine and qualified.;

       3:Commodity sales data is more complete, real-time monitoring of merchandise inventory, and sales data extraction allows merchants to conduct sales analysis better and faster;

       4:Better big data collection。


The basic structure of the automatic crawling vending machine is as follows: composed of interaction layer, execution layer and physical layer

Technology changes life Shanlong speed intelligent vending machine

(The reason for the confidentiality of the project is that the original image cannot be displayed.)

Interaction layer:The interactive interface + control system accepts commands sent by the operator and then converts them into action commands and sends them to the execution layer, such as scanning, paying, sending operation commands, etc..

Executive layer:Receive interactive layer instructions to convert instructions into specific logical actions, such as fixed point inventory, fixed point picking, fixed point scanning, etc.。

Physical layer:Contains shelves, conveyor structures, etc.。


Based on years of experience in the field of motion control, Shanlong Zhikong provides a complete solution for the implementation layer of this latest vending machine. We provide motion controllers and servo systems.

The motion controller converts the instructions of the interaction layer into specific logic actions, including servo motion and IO output.


Program characteristics

1、Network connection: the interaction layer and the network connection of our control system;

2、Increased efficiency: The multi-axis linkage movement compensates for the low efficiency of the grab-type vending machine. The access time is shortened from the original 60S/time to 10S/time (different positions, time will be Minor differences);

3、Lower cost and smaller footprint than articulated robotic grabbers;

4、The universal controller has a rich interface and can be easily matched with various interactions.。

Main component

Serial number





6-axis motion controller




100W servo system




100W servo system




100W servo system




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