Lock towel embroidery solution

On the basis of common flat embroidery, lock chenille embroidery can form exquisite embroideries that are comparable with chain embroidery by using lock chenille device and special stitching method. The firm embroideries are pleasing to the eyes with strong tri-dimensional sense, and the thread is not easily loose.

Lock towel embroidery solution

Lock towel embroidery solution

Product Features

● Simple Structure, High Stability

● Exquisite Embroideries

● By using locking stitch, lock chenille embroideries are firm, tidy, three-dimensional, and as good as chain chenille embroideries. 

●  High Cost-effective

Without high- cost investment in purchasing customized machines, lock chenille embroidery can be realized by assembling the specific device on flat embroidery machine and using the customized patterns. It is low- input and high-return.

● Lock Chenille Pattern Design

In SL pattern design software system, Complex Fill input method can help users design simple chenille patterns with ease.

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