Beaded Embroidery Solution

By installing special mechanical device on flat embroidery machine, it can realize bead embroidery function which can fix the beads on the cloth by thread with the method of sequin embroidery. The embroideries produced by the function have stronger three- dimensional sense and visual impact. With higher product quality, this computerized embroidery function can replace the raditional handwork, thus to boost the production efficiency and lower the labor cost.

Beaded Embroidery Solution

Product Features

● The parameter adjustment is convenient, and the control parameters and errors of the bead tube can be adjusted through the computer operation head or the button display panel on the device, which is convenient for the manufacturer to debug and use by the user.;

● Simple mechanical structure, convenient operation, high efficiency, good embroidery quality;

● The first needle of the flat embroidery head is equipped with a multi-gold piece device, and the last needle is equipped with a bead tube embroidery device to realize various embroidery combinations such as flat embroidery, bead tube embroidery, and gold piece embroidery.;

● Spindle speed up to 800 rpm。

Beaded Embroidery Solution


The bead tube embroidery operation is simple and convenient, supports a variety of combined embroidery methods, and has high work efficiency, and is suitable for the cumbersome operation of the bead tube embroidery method, and requires a manual operation environment.。

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