Mountain Dragon Embroidery Solution - Hot Drill Embroidery

Shanlong combines the traditional embroidery control system with the hot drilling control system. On the basis of ensuring the function of retaining the traditional embroidery machine, the diamond is set on the leather, fabric and other materials to make the embroidery more beautiful and beautiful. The type of embroidering machine embroidery, thus increasing the added value of the embroidery machine.

The company has perfectly integrated the traditional embroidery control system with hot- fix rhinestone control system. On the premise of reserving the traditional function, the solution can inlay the rhinestones on leather, cloth, and other materials, which will make the embroideries more beautiful and enrich the embroidery methods, thus to promote the additional value of the whole embroidery machine.

Hot drilling embroidery solution

Product Features

● High Working Efficiency

he system can send 250 pieces of rhinestones per minute.

● Firmly Fixed

Ultrasonic heating method makes large welding face and higher firmness, so as to avoid dropping. 

● Exquisite Embroideries

Constant heating prevents the rhinestone from excessive glue, so the surface is clean.

Hot drilling embroidery solution

Hot drilling embroidery solution

SL Embroidery Design Software With Sequin Design Function

Support manual rhinestone, automatic rhinestone and regional rhinestone function.

Support manual single rhinestone. With excellent flexibility, users can fill and change the previous rhinestone design and make the design more exquisite; with automatic rhinestone and regional rhinestone function, design efficiency can be increased.

Hot drilling embroidery solution

Support “Grid” “Horizontal Alignment” “Vertical Alignment” and“Multilayer Outline”, four kinds of filling styles in total.

Hot drilling embroidery solution

Support lettering rhinestone.

Hot drilling embroidery solution

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