CI1032-M3 Bus Servo Scheme


High-frequency   digital transmission, transmission rate is greater than 500 KHz pulse transmission, to avoid the occurrence of over-frequency and loss of pulse caused by the move.

Absolute encoder   calibration absolute value function, automatic reading of motor position, without origin switch, before and after power off processing zero error, no trace, communication encoder is more suitable for remote motor control.

Wire connection reduces   the pre-wiring and wiring time, and saves installation time. Bus makes the wiring of electronic control cabinet more concise and beautiful.

Stage protection   can realize the system + servo simultaneous lock machine, unique anti-disassembly function, effectively eliminate towage.

Simple debugging system   reads the servo parameters online and sends them down with one key setting, so it is not necessary to debug the servo one by one.

High response   The theoretical value of bus transmission is 100 times that of pulse. When multi-axis linkage processing, it can effectively avoid the processing inconsistency and overall effect distortion caused by the response rate problem.

Fast   MECHATROLINK III bus has a maximum baud rate of 100 Mbps, a transmission period of 31μs, speed response frequency of 1.8 KHz, and a setting time of position and speed instructions of less than 2 ms.

Accurate   23-bit absolute encoder with resolution of 23 Bit.

Functional specification

Power220VInterfaceCHI/ENGoperationpanelFieldbusYaskawa MⅢ
display10.4 InchRAM4GIO16/16,ExtentionUSB4  USB2.0
NetworkSpindle voltagy0-10V AI
functionTool bank, mirror rotation, circular processing, multiple processes, automatic loading and unloading, custom M code
advantage1、Functionally configurable 2、Logic can be edited by M code 3、Support Network Management 4、IO configurable


CI1032-M3 Bus Servo Scheme

Bus Motor Selection

750 W803000 RPM2.39 N·m
1 KW802500 RPM4 N·m
1 KW1302500 RPM4 N·m
1.3 KW1302500 RPM5 N·m
1.5 KW1302500 RPM6 N·m

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