Launch of handheld laser welding system

Launch of multi in one servo driver


Develop a five axis control system

Launch of laser cutting system

Project approval multi in one servo driver


Moving to Chuangwei Creative Valley Shiyan


Injection Molding Machine Manipulator Drive and Control Unit Successfully Promoted to the Market

Full introduction of bus series products

Winning 'National High-tech Enterprise'


The screw machine has successfully developed single-head, double-head, multi-head and automatic production lines.

Successfully launched a number of solutions for 3C industry enterprises.


A round of financing was successful, and Shanlong Intelligent Control was established.

The drive and control integrated machine has been successfully introduced to the market and has been recognized by customers.

Launching Shanlong Industrial Robot Control System R6000; launching Shanlong Industrial Robot


Shenzhen Shanlong Technology awarded Star Enterprise of “2015 Intelligent Cup”;

Establishment of Jinan Office, symbolizing CNC system starting the market in an all-round way;

Company adjusting organization structure, forming the Flat Type management mode initially;

Shanlong starting its first year of strong-arm reaction!


Shanlong moved to Gaoxinqi Industrial Park;

Shenzhen Shanlong Computer Control Equipment Co., Ltd. renamed as Shenzhen Shanlong Technology Co., Ltd.

Creation of quarterly magazine Shanlong People ; Setting up the project of Shanlong Robot Control System

Merger and acquisition of Shenzhen Steady-step Science Co., Ltd.; general servo driver starting pilot production;


Rhinestone & Embroidery all-in-one control system developed successfully;

718 single head embroidery control system displayed in Shanghai CISMA exhibition


Awarded “National Hi-Tech Enterprise Certificate”

the first version of Production Management System released

Won the name of Learning Organization awarded by Haiwan Community Workstation and Haiwan Community Service Center


Setting up Production Management System project; 

the first version of Embroidery Design Software released;

Establishment of Hefei Office; engraving CNC system formally launched into market;

First time to attend Shanghai CISMA exhibition, Shanlong opening its first market planning and promotion.


The first servo driver ADS100 launched into market; 

starting cooperation with Yeshi Company to develop high-speed embroidery control system;

The first CNC system JA133 launched into market; 

awarded the name of “College Students Internship Training Base”.


Setting up Servo Driver project;

After several schemes of experiments, engraving CNC system finally formed the recent prototype.


Establishment of India Office

Setting up CNC project

Setting up Embroidery Design Software


Awarded “Shenzhen Hi-Tech Enterprise”

Awarded “Shenzhen Software Product Design Enterprise”

Starting V8S104C, 8085C project;

accomplishing prototype according to the principle of V8009, V8008 project


Building High-temperature Burn-in Chamber;

building Components Screening Laboratory


3-phase driver 3620 upgraded to 3621;

building EMC Laboratory


The first developed successfully flat and sequin combining computerized embroidery control system V6C series in domestic country launched into market.


Prototype of SL3620 3-phase driver developed successfully;

The first plastic shell V6 type computerized embroidery control system in domestic country launched into market.

“Shanlong II Type” computerized embroidery control system comes out;

establishment of East Guangdong Office;


SL2310 type 2-phase stepping driver developed successfully.


SL-5300 type 5-phase stepping driver developed and launched to market successfully;

2000 August 28th

establishment of Shenzhen Shanlong Computer Control Equipment Co., Ltd.

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