Talent Concept:

Talent is the company's first resource. Adhere to the criteria of employing people with both ability and political integrity and morality first, and the selection method of 'democracy, openness, competition, and merit'. Implement humanized management, and provide each employee with a development space to fully realize self-worth while achieving the overall goal of the company. Explore the establishment of a multi-incentive system and vigorously create a good atmosphere of respecting labor, respecting knowledge, respecting talents, and respecting creation.

Company benefits:

1. Advantageous remuneration packages, diversified reward policies, and humanized working environment;

2, 5 days and 8 hours working system;

3, five insurance and one gold: pension, medical care, childbirth, work injury, unemployment and housing provident fund;

4. All commercial accident insurance;

5. Various holidays such as statutory holidays and paid annual leave prescribed by the state;

6, holiday gifts; birthday gifts, wedding gold, baby gifts, etc.;

7. Annual tourism and outdoor development.

8. Rich team activities; birthday parties, afternoon tea and other activities;

9. Career development;

10. Household registration.

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