Shenzhen ShanLong intelligent control co., Ltd. is a specializing in the field of industrial automation, and the supplier of leading motion control system、industrial robot and system solutions. The company product now covers three major divisions: industrial robot solution, control system and servo system, which are widely used in industrial robot system integration, electronic equipment, engraving and milling, metal processing, clothing industry equipment and other fields. Depending on years of technology and industry accumulation, Shanlong focus on three market segments: 3C, textile and CNC, aiming to provide a complete set of service from key component to system solution for our customers. 


Based in Shenzhen, the company is in possession of a large scale of Research and Development Center and Production Center. Leveraging a sound quality assurance system, a well-equipped Reliability Laboratory, and a high coverage on customer service network, the company has already built up a well-qualified team composed of research and development, production, marketing and technical service.

Products  The company products include: industrial robots, sewing equipment control systems (including embroidery machine control system, quilting machine control system, intarsia flat knitting machine control system, industrial sewing machine control system, etc.), engraving and milling equipment control systems (including the control system of wood engraving, jade engraving, metal engraving, and glass edging equipment, etc.), motor drive units(including servo, frequency conversion and stepping), intelligent application software (including embroidery design software, SL_NMS embroidery machine production management software, template design software, intarsia knitting design software, etc.). Furthermore, the company can provide customized and total solutions for motion control as your requirements. Since its foundation, the company has been focusing on product innovation, which helped Shanlong won a number of national patent certificates.


Research & Development  Through unceasingly strengthening technical innovation, Shanlong is committed to improving the products added-value. The research and development team accounts for more than 40% of the company staff; Annual R&D investment accounts for more than 20% of total sales. Shanlong also introduces the concept of chief expert, so as to boost the contact and cooperation with industry experts, and to facilitate the research and development of new products. Starting frommarket demand, we participate in with our customers together; from research and development, commissioning and maintenance, we follow up the needs of our users, and provide effective solutions and technical support for them all the way. Shanlong would strengthen mutual support and learn from others, so as to achieve perfect machinery and control combination. 

Production & Quality  Shanlong devotes itself to modern production management, resource optimization and production process reengineering. Strictly basing on ISO9001 Quality Control System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and 8S Management Standard, Shanlong implements rigorous control over all aspects of the process, including incoming materials, processing, complete machines, and delivery. We assure you of the outstanding performance and reliable quality of Shanlong products.


Marketing & Service  Worldwide partners are welcome to join us, to establish a strategic cooperation alliance of technology and market and share the achievements together. In light of the sincerity of Shanlong people, we will work together to promote Shanlong brand to the global market. Since the sales and service network of the company has already covered the collecting and distributing centers both in domestic and abroad, we can provide all-round support and service from pre-sale to after-sale for our customers, and continuously explore the concept of lifetime warranty.

Promoting modern production management, production resources optimization and production process reengineering, strictly according to the ISO 9001 quality control system and ISO 14001 environmental management system, following the 8S management standard, strictly checking the incoming materials, processing process, whole machine and shipment of the products, ensuring the excellent performance and reliable quality of the products.


Strategic Target  Shanlong takes high and new technology as its orientation, persists in the principle of innovation, and adheres to the policy of “Quality First, Prestige Basic”. Basing on the humanized and high-grade demand, the company is dedicated to creating a long-term and value-added space, so that our customers can experience the convenience and comfort brought by high and new technology. The company would like to unswervingly build world-class electromechanical equipments with friends from all circles.

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