Shanlong Zhikong: Digging New SCARA Business Opportunities with Intelligent Screw Machines as the En





Abstract: On December 13th, at the 2019 Liyuan Heng · Gaogong Robot Annual Conference and the Buckett · Gaogong Golden Autumn Award Ceremony held by Gaogong Robotics, Zeng Yuquan delivered a keynote speech on 'Deepening SCARA's New Business Opportunities - The Road to Advancing Intelligent Screw Machines' at the production line application special event named Jieka Robotics.

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In recent years, SCARA has grown rapidly. Currently, there are no fewer than 20 SCARA manufacturers, and the competition is very fierce. We have already entered the second half. How can rising stars like us break through and win this battle in the second half? I think the key lies in four points: first, application is the king, second, deep segmentation, third, emphasis on usability and cost-effectiveness, and fourth, replacing modules. 'said Zeng Yuquan, General Manager of Shanlong Intelligent Control.

On December 13, 2019, At the 2019 Liyuan Heng Gaogong Robotics Annual Conference and Buckett Gaogong Golden Autumn Award Ceremony held by Gaogong Robotics, Zeng Yuquan gave a keynote speech on 'Deepening SCARA New Business Opportunities - The Road to Advanced Intelligent Screw Machines' at the production line application special event named Jieka Robotics. Starting from the current application status of SCARA robots, he shared the exploration of Shanlong Intelligent Control in segmented fields with Shanlong Intelligent Control's intelligent screw machines as the starting point.


Zeng Yuquan stated that from the perspective of the development of SCARA in China, the ontology has become relatively mature, and its competition is gradually tending towards homogenization. In order to win in the second half under homogenization competition, it is necessary to take a differentiated competitive path. Based on this concept, Shanlong Intelligent Control proposed a strategy that focuses on screw machines.

At present, the screw locking process in the 3C industry is mainly manual and semi-automatic. With the popularization of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, semi-automatic screw locking can no longer meet customer needs. Zeng Yuquan pointed out that there are currently four pain points in the application of intelligent screw machines in the industry: 1. Flexible assembly: 'multiple varieties, small batch' assembly, fast line changing, traditional rectangular coordinate screw machines cannot meet; 2. Information island: The assembly process can be traced and monitored, and the coordinates of traditional right angle screw machines are limited; 3. High defect rate: The defect rate at a certain customer is reduced by 75% compared to manual labor; 4. Low investment return: The machine operates 24 hours a day and costs are recovered within 1 year.

The flexible assembly scheme of Shanlong Intelligent Control can realize rapid line change, equipment fast in and fast out and rough and fine visual positioning. It has been extended from the home appliance industry to the assembly of sweeping robots, Smart lock and routers, with a failure rate of less than two thousandths.

In the case of locking screws for TV companies, the customer's first demand is for this production line to produce 5 to 8 types of products ranging from 32 inches to 48 inches, which requires quick line changing in 5 minutes. However, Shanlong's solution is to use panoramic visual positioning and SCARA combined with coarse and fine vision to perfectly solve this problem.

In recent years, intelligent hardware has begun to rise, especially intelligent sweeping robots, intelligent electronic locks, and wireless routers. When manufacturers build new production lines, they follow automated production lines, providing a foundation for the application of intelligent screw machines.

On the basis of the first generation screw machine, Shanlong Intelligent Control has iteratively released the second generation screw machine. The second generation screw machine realizes three intelligences: intelligent control, intelligent recognition and Smart lock attachment. Among them, intelligent control is mainly based on the newly developed integrated drive control system, which can start and stop at high speed and has vibration suppression function. It can facilitate the docking of MES systems and effectively improve the efficiency of locking.

It is reported that this product is the first in China. Previously, the integrated drive and control system, visual system, and servo electric system each had their own set of systems, but now, Shanlong Intelligent Control has launched a three in one system Zeng Yuquan said, 'The integration of three software together using only one controller for control means that the cost is further reduced

In addition, Shanlong Intelligent Control has also made many optimizations for industry applications, first and foremost reducing programming difficulty. The second generation screw machine system of Shanlong Intelligent Control can directly accept instructions from PLC, avoiding operators from writing script files themselves. Even those with no technical foundation can learn it in two hours.

In addition, in terms of visual guidance, Shanlong Zhikong has also made optimizations. Unlike before, when robots shoot one by one, Shanlong Intelligent Control can automatically calculate the screw stations to be locked by taking a mark point and combining it with the customer's CAD drawings. This allows for locking all the hole positions in one shot, greatly improving the efficiency of screw locking.