Shanlong Intelligent Control Successfully Won the Golden Globe Award for High Tech Robotics





On the evening of December 13th, the 6th High tech Golden Globe Awards ceremony came to a successful conclusion at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Shenzhen Airport. The 2019 High tech Golden Globe Awards were selected with the theme of 'The Power of China Upward', focusing on robotics enterprises, paying attention to cutting-edge technological innovation, and seeking the future development strength of robotics enterprises through competition and exhibition. We dedicate our highest honor to the enterprises continuously cultivating in the robotics industry, encouraging innovation, Jointly promote the healthy and stable development of the robot industry.

After multiple levels of online voting and jury voting, the final list of winners of the Golden Globe Award has been released, and industry elites have jointly witnessed the annual brilliant ceremony of the robot industry. Thanks to its research and development capabilities in the field of intelligent control over the past 20 years, Shanlong Intelligent Control has successfully won the Golden Globe Award for High tech Robotics - the '2019 New Product Award' and the '2019 Top 10 Investment Value Enterprises Award'.


The new product selected by Shanlong Intelligent Control this time is the drive control integrated machine CD6060. This product combines 4-6 axis servo drive and motion controller, achieving a perfect combination of drive, operation control, and robot application technology, with excellent performance of high resolution, high response, and high reliability; Supports 4-6 axis control, programmed using BASIC language, easy to learn, and easy to teach; It can achieve control of PTP, straight line, and arc spatial curves for various postures.

Advantages of CD6060 product: smaller size, superior performance, lower cost, simpler debugging, and more convenient wiring


Shanlong Intelligent Control has always focused on the field of industrial automation and is a leading provider of motion control systems, industrial robots, and system solutions in the industry. The company's products cover three major product systems: industrial robot solutions, control systems, and servo systems. The products are widely used in industrial robot system integration, electronic equipment, carving and milling, metal processing, sewing industry equipment, and other fields. Based on years of technology and industry accumulation, Shanlong focuses on the three major segmented markets of 3C, textile and clothing, and CNC, providing customers with a complete set of services from key components to system solutions, and achieving industry-leading levels of products and technology.


In the future, Shanlong Intelligent Control will continue to optimize the performance of the robot body and key components, provide more comprehensive solutions, penetrate the industry, and serve customers!