Shanlong Zhikong is truly deserving of winning the first "Craftsman Star"





In this red leafy and crisp autumn month of November, there are frequent reports of good news from Shanlong Zhikong!

On November 14th, Liao Jingqin and Li Yuanfu from Shanlong Intelligent Control won the first prize of the team in the 2019 Shenzhen Skills Competition - Robot Industry Application 'Craftsman Star' Vocational Skills Competition hosted by the Shenzhen Robotics Association. The prize was 100000 yuan, and they were also awarded the 'Craftsman Star' title by the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.

山龙智控勇夺第一  “工匠之星”实至名归

In order to accelerate the cultivation and selection of a group of highly skilled and innovative talents in the field of robot application and maintenance, support the construction of the robot application industry in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, build a platform for skilled talents to showcase their skills and learn from each other, promote technology and talent exchange between the Shenzhen robot industry and various provinces and cities across the country, and drive common progress in the national robot industry, the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau The competition was hosted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shenzhen Advanced Technology Research Institute and hosted by the Shenzhen Robot Association.

山龙智控勇夺第一  “工匠之星”实至名归

In the competition, there were a total of 30 teams from Shenzhen and other provinces and cities, with over 60 people competing fiercely. A total of 1 team first prize, 3 team second prizes, 4 team third prizes, and 7 team excellence awards were awarded. In the end, the technical personnel of Shanlong Intelligent Control successfully won the first prize with their excellent technical strength, winning honors for Shanlong Intelligent Control and individuals!

山龙智控勇夺第一  “工匠之星”实至名归

Shanlong Intelligent Control is a leading motion control solution supplier specializing in the field of industrial automation, with three major product systems: industrial robot solutions, control systems, and servo systems. Its main applications include industrial robot system integration, electronic equipment, engraving and milling, metal processing, injection molding robots, and equipment in the clothing industry. The company provides customers with high-quality services such as core components and industrial robot solutions, receiving high praise from the industry. In this competition, Shanlong Zhikong was awarded the honor of 'Craftsman Star', which truly deserves it.

Shanlong Intelligent Control still has great potential for development in the field of robot applications. I believe that with the policy support and guidance of the government and relevant departments, Shanlong Intelligent Control will be able to forge ahead and gather momentum for mutual benefit. In the future, Shanlong Intelligent Control will continue to provide valuable intelligent solutions as its corporate mission, creating value for customers and serving more industry customers with better products and technologies.