Innovative Breakthrough Shanlong Intelligent Control Assists in Intelligent Lock Processing





The '2019 Zhongshan Xiaolan Hardware Lock Expo', organized by Zhongshan Lock Industry Association and organized by Zhongshan Xiaolan Lock Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Asian Union Exhibition Co., Ltd., was grandly held from October 18th to 21st at the Hardware Lock International Procurement Center! The exhibition attracted 200 well-known domestic and foreign hardware lock brand enterprises to participate, and nearly 10000 domestic and foreign professional buyers came to visit and purchase. Shanlong Intelligent Control Intelligent Screw Machine assists in the processing and assembly of locks, and high-tech products and technologies such as lock processing systems and servo drives have attracted a large number of visitors.

创新突破  山龙智控助力智能锁具加工创新突破  山龙智控助力智能锁具加工

创新突破  山龙智控助力智能锁具加工创新突破  山龙智控助力智能锁具加工

Shanlong Intelligent Control Intelligent Screw Machine Assists in Intelligent Lock Assembly

创新突破  山龙智控助力智能锁具加工

Explain the solutions and control systems of the Shanlong robot to visiting guests

On October 21st, the 4-day 2019 Zhongshan Lock Exhibition successfully concluded, and Shanlong gained a deeper understanding of the industry and customer needs at this exhibition. In the future, Shanlong will continue to increase research and development and improve product quality, providing comprehensive solutions and high-quality services to more customers.