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Autumn is a season of harvest. On this crisp autumn day,

The lock industry is about to welcome the 2019 Zhongshan Xiaolan Hardware Lock Expo. This expo will gather 200 well-known domestic and foreign hardware lock brand enterprises to participate, attracting nearly 10000 domestic and foreign professional buyers to visit and purchase.

Exhibition Name: 2019 Zhongshan Xiaolan Hardware Lock Expo

Exhibition time: October 18-21, 2019

Exhibition location: Zhongshan Xiaolan · International Procurement Center for Hardware Locks

Shanlong booth: C26 on the first floor

In this exhibition, Shanlong Intelligent Control will focus on showcasing high-tech products and technologies including intelligent lock assembly solutions, lock processing systems, servo drives, etc. The following are the highlights of this exhibition.

Highlight 1: Intelligent lock assembly solution, making assembly efficiency faster and yield higher

展会预告|| 山龙智控即将参加中山锁具展

          SCARA robot intelligent screw machine

Highlight 2: The Shanlong Intelligent Control Lock Processing CNC System creates the maximum value and optimal solution for customers with the best cost-effectiveness, enhancing the market competitiveness of their products.

展会预告|| 山龙智控即将参加中山锁具展

Aluminum Processing CNC System CI1032

展会预告|| 山龙智控即将参加中山锁具展

CNC system for lock machining CI3140

展会预告|| 山龙智控即将参加中山锁具展

Four axis motion controller CA40B

Shanlong Zhikong looks forward to your visit to the exhibition booth for communication and exchange. We will never see you apart at C26!

The hardware industry is a traditional advantage industry of Xiaolan. This exhibition will push the hardware lock industry of Zhongshan Xiaolan to a higher level. It not only provides a stage for technology sharing and achievement display for major lock companies, but also promotes industry exchanges. At that time, Shanlong Intelligent Control will explain the latest technologies and products to you at the C26 booth, hoping to bring you a different experience.