The housewarming ceremony at the new location of Wanxiang Renewal Mountain Dragon Smart Control was





On April 11th, the relocation ceremony of Shenzhen Shanlong Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. was held in Skyworth Innovation Valley to jointly celebrate Shanlong's development towards a new level. Chairman Li Yaobin, management consultant Deng Lao, General Manager of Intelligent Control Zeng Yuquan, General Manager of Electric Control Bai Zhaoqiang, and some employees attended the ceremony and witnessed this important moment together.

乔迁新址 万象更新 山龙智控乔迁庆典隆重举行

Mr. Li Yaobin, the chairman, delivered a speech at the celebration, pointing out that this new relocation is the third time the company has moved, and each relocation is bathed in new hope. The significance of this relocation is even more extraordinary, as it has transformed from one office location to two parks and three locations. This is not only the expansion of business area and the improvement of new hardware equipment, but also the beginning of a new stage of development.

乔迁新址 万象更新 山龙智控乔迁庆典隆重举行

Next, Chairman Li Yaobin and Management Advisor Deng Lao will unveil the celebration.

乔迁新址 万象更新 山龙智控乔迁庆典隆重举行

Shanlong has been dedicated to the field of industrial automation for more than ten years, with the mission of 'continuously providing valuable intelligent solutions'. We provide customers with industry-leading motion control systems, industrial robots, and system solutions. Our products are widely used in industrial robot system integration, electronic equipment, carving and milling, metal processing, sewing industry equipment, and other fields.

乔迁新址 万象更新 山龙智控乔迁庆典隆重举行

It has been more than ten years since the establishment of Shanlong, and it has undergone three changes. Time has witnessed the development and growth of Shanlong, as well as the determination and strength of Shanlong people to unite and unite as a city. This relocation involves the relocation of Shanlong Intelligent Control from the original Gaoxinqi Technology Park to Tangtou 1st Road. The company's headquarters is located on the 6th floor of Building B-North, Building 2, Skyworth Innovation Valley, Tangtou 1st Road, Shiyan Street, Bao'an District, and the production center is located on the 3rd floor of Building 8, Yuntai Technology Industrial Park, Tangtou 1st Road, Shiyan Street, Bao'an District.

Welcome customers to visit and inspect Shanlong!

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乔迁新址 万象更新 山龙智控乔迁庆典隆重举行


2019 is another new starting point in the development history of Shanlong. Under the leadership of Chairman Li Yaobin and other leaders, Shanlong will continue to forge ahead, seize opportunities, and strive to achieve the grand vision of 'becoming the most respected intelligent control enterprise', firmly and steadfastly move forward towards the established goals, and continue a new legend.