Shanlong Intelligent Control and Skyworth Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement (1)





On January 21, 2019, Shanlong Intelligent Control and Skyworth Intelligent Equipment officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Shanlong Technology. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of intelligent equipment, motion control, and other fields in the spirit of 'mutual benefit, stability, persistence, efficiency, and quality' cooperation.



Wang Dehui, Chairman of Skyworth Intelligent Equipment, stated in his speech that on the basis of previous cooperation, this strategic signing marks a new historical development stage for the cooperation between Skyworth Intelligent Equipment and Shanlong Intelligent Control. We will strive to build new opportunities and mechanisms for bilateral cooperation and development, further deepen comprehensive cooperation in resource utilization, business integration, and other aspects, enhance the level and level of strategic collaboration, and enhance innovation capabilities.


As a leading supplier of industrial robot solutions in China, Shanlong Intelligent Control has developed a flexible visual SCARA screw machine with its advantages in independent research and development of control systems and machine vision technology. In recent years, it has grown rapidly in the 3C electronics industry, known for its 'multi variety and small batch' characteristics. Its automated assembly solution centered on visual screw machines has won recognition from multiple well-known home appliance enterprises, Emerging in the field of 3C automated assembly. In 2018, despite the slowdown in the growth rate of the entire robot industry, Shanlong Intelligent Control still achieved double growth in revenue, 'said Zeng Yuquan, General Manager of Shanlong Intelligent Control.

As a leading enterprise in the home appliance industry, Skyworth was the first in the industry to realize the urgency and inevitability of automation. In 2013, it established the Automation Equipment Department and established a professional robot research and development team, fully launching the 'Robot Strategy'. Under the overall strategy of building the world's most dominant home appliance factory, Skyworth aims to have 1000 robots per 10000 people by 2022, increase productivity by 250%, and achieve a machine replacement rate of 70%.



However, due to the high complexity, variety of models, and fast updates of products, the home appliance industry has much higher flexibility requirements for automation equipment than industries such as automobiles and food. At present, there is no automation equipment that can be universally used in the home appliance industry in the market. 'Customization+collaborative research and development' is a commonly adopted approach in the home appliance industry to promote automation.

Relying on a mature assembly plan previously developed by a home appliance giant, Shanlong Intelligent Control can quickly replicate it into Skyworth's production line and make rapid adjustments based on its production line characteristics. The technological advantage of Shanlong Intelligent Control in the 3C assembly field is the foundation for its ability to quickly solve production line problems. It is reported that the control system, visual technology, and body of Shanlong Intelligent Control are all independently developed, which allows Shanlong Intelligent Control to freely adapt to scheme design and have a high cost-effectiveness.

Li Yaobin, Chairman of Shanlong Intelligent Control, stated that the strategic cooperation between Skyworth Intelligent Equipment and Shanlong Intelligent Control is a model of strong cooperation and win-win cooperation. I believe that this cooperation is not only a complementary advantage in the business field, but also an opportunity for both parties to learn from each other in terms of corporate culture, technological exchange, and other aspects. It can not only make achievements in the intelligent transformation of the home appliance industry, but also showcase grand prospects in the broader field of intelligence!

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, Skyworth and Shanlong Intelligent Control will jointly promote project development with the goal of mutual benefit, win-win situation, and sustainable development. Skyworth will receive advanced automation technology support from Shanlong Zhikong to accelerate the construction of its automated production lines and intelligent factories; Shanlong Intelligent Control takes cooperation as an opportunity to deeply explore the market demand of the home appliance industry and enhance its brand influence in the automation field of the home appliance industry.