Sino German Alliance Group Visits Shanlong Zhikong





On May 23rd, the Bao'an Sino German (European) Industrial Development Cooperation Alliance (referred to as the Sino German Alliance) organized 12 member enterprises to conduct exchanges and research at Shanlong Intelligent Control, and awarded a plaque to the member enterprises. Leaders from relevant units such as the District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Shiyan Street will travel together.


Secretary General Wu Kai's Opening Speech

During this period, Secretary General Wu introduced the alliance and shared the upcoming activities. Each member enterprise introduced themselves and exchanged information.


Shan Long Zhikong Guo Wei, Marketing Director, delivers a speech

Shanlong Intelligent Control is a leading motion control solution provider specializing in the field of industrial automation. The company's industrial robot solutions, control systems, and servo systems constitute three major product systems, mainly applied in industrial robot system integration, electronic equipment, carving and milling, metal processing, injection molding robots, clothing industry equipment, and other fields. In addition, Shanlong Intelligent Control has a strong R&D strength. The company has 120 people and 50 R&D teams, covering the talent system of doctoral experts, Systems architect and engineers. The annual R&D investment accounts for about 30% of the marketing revenue. The company provides customers with high-quality services for core components and system solutions, making it highly praised by the industry.


Secretary General Wu awarded the membership of Enterprise Hills Shanlong Intelligent Control


Member companies visiting research and development rooms

Zeng Yuquan, General Manager of Shanlong Intelligent Control, guided enterprise representatives to visit the production workshop and research and development room, which sparked the cooperation interest of many accompanying enterprise representatives. During the visit, business representatives were attracted by the Shanlong Intelligent Control CNC system. In furniture carving, they solved the problem by using handles, controllers, and integrated machine control, including three-axis flat carving configuration, four-axis configuration, and three-axis turntable configuration. The advantages of embedded platform are compact structure, low power consumption, and virus free, which are used for processing classical furniture, European furniture, and small handicrafts.


In terms of advertising cutting, algorithms such as multi line fitting, corner tolerance calculation, and trajectory smoothing are used to achieve high processing speed, high processing smoothness, and multiple spline curves. They are applied in the advertising industry, such as acrylic cutting, aluminum plate cutting, glass processing, KT plate cutting, etc. In the subsequent symposium, representatives of various enterprises gained a deeper understanding of the production situation of Shanlong Intelligent Control and inquired in detail about the cooperation opportunities that exist in future development.


General Manager Zeng Yuquan of Shanlong Zhikong delivers concluding remarks

After the symposium, the relevant person in charge of the District Industry and Information Technology Bureau stated that this visit has promoted mutual assistance and development among Bao'an enterprises, as well as industry cooperation and exchange. At the same time, they have seen various component suppliers gather together in a production chain, indicating the integrity of the industrial chain in Bao'an District. The mainstream of the future is intelligent production. Intelligent equipment enterprises like Shanlong Intelligent Control need to gradually develop and improve automation. Enterprises on the same industry chain should have better communication and matching, expand and strengthen Bao'an's industry, and better promote Bao'an's economic development.


Group photo of member enterprises in this event

Bao'an Daily News (Reporter Xu Wenluo, Correspondent Umbrella Wendiwen/Image)