Shanlong Intelligent Control: Intelligent upgrade of screw lock payment





Locking screws is simple, but it is not easy to lock them properly, and it is even more difficult to meet customer expectations even after locking the screws.

Based on years of assembly experience in the 3C and smart home appliance industries, Shanlong Intelligent Control, committed to carrying out the 'screw lock attachment to the end,' has begun a new exploration: endowing screw machines with more intelligent, flexible, and cost-effective features. On the basis of independent research and development of motion control and visual systems, we will localize all electrified products and work with strategic partners to create products that break through both cost and performance.

In terms of motion control and vision, we have strong research and development capabilities. We need to achieve independent research and development of all our electrical components, including controls and software, and we have also found strategic partners in the mechanical part. 'Zeng Yuquan, the general manager of Shanlong Intelligent Control, said that in his opinion, by entrusting our expertise to strategic partners and localizing all our expertise, we can create the most cost-effective product.


  At present, the new generation intelligent screw machine of Shanlong Intelligent Control has been launched on the market, with a line change taking only 5 minutes, making it particularly suitable for online assembly of 'multi variety, small batch' products; By combining barcode recognition with intelligent batch technology, assembly data is uploaded in real-time to the MES system, making the assembly process transparent; And the drive control integration and servo electric batch technology with independent intellectual property rights can help customers easily achieve customization.

Fit Small appliance, screw lock

Every screw that is not properly locked carries a huge risk.

For example, in a notebook computer, dozens of very small screws need to be locked on the button board, and the back of the notebook button board is the circuit board. If the screw lock is not in place, there will be a floating high situation, and the screws will wear and tear against the thin film circuit board, causing a short circuit, and the entire notebook computer will burn out.

'For this reason, Shanlong Intelligent Control came into being with machine vision and intelligent screwdriver.' Zeng Yuquan said that for Shanlong Intelligent Control, which will expand the market of Small appliance as the key layout in 2019, the first thing it will face is the problem of floating height and sliding teeth in the process of screw locking.

The solution is to install an intelligent electric screwdriver on the screw machine that can achieve real-time torque detection. However, foreign brands are expensive, and within the cost range proposed by end companies, using foreign intelligent electric wrenches is clearly not feasible. To this end, Shanlong Intelligent Control has independently developed an intelligent electric screwdriver. Through precise torque feedback monitoring, the intelligent screwdriver can detect screws that are not in place in real-time, adjust them in a timely manner, and achieve both locking and detection.

Originally, the pneumatic electric screwdriver used an open-loop control method, and the screw machine could only be directly driven downwards after being subjected to force, making it impossible to accurately control whether the screws were properly tightened. However, the closed-loop control of the intelligent electric screwdriver can effectively solve this problem.

In fact, intelligent electric screwdriver can accurately control the tightening force of screws, and its advantages are unparalleled in some applications that previously relied on manual fuzzy control to achieve tightening effects, and it has huge market space.

For example, in the assembly of the Kick scooter, there is a very complex process point that the pulley needs to be reversed after being tightened to prevent the pulley from being stuck. The difficulty lies in the control of the reverse screw back force. If the pulley is excessively screwed back, it is easy to loosen in long-term use. The original manual control of the turning back force is based on experience. Now the tightening force and the number of reverse turns can be controlled by accurately detecting the torque with an intelligent screwdriver, Effectively reducing uncertainty caused by manual operations

Previously, there were many scrap products during manual assembly, and locking screws was not that simple. It wasn't just about tightening the screws, 'said Zeng Yuquan.

Flexibility improvement is the key to the challenge

At present, new SCARA screw machines are emerging one after another, and the screw locking function is further improved. However, domestic products that can meet customer requirements are still rare.

Zeng Yuquan stated that it is even more difficult to meet customer expectations while locking the screws. For example, the customer's requirement is 500ppm, which is still a difficult requirement to achieve for domestic screw machines. However, Shanlong Intelligent Control has been working hard in this direction, and the new generation of screw machines will achieve a failure rate of 1/1000.

Short wire changing time is another difficulty, which means that tooling boards cannot be used in the design of the scheme, and fast wire changing must be achieved through optimization of visual processing algorithms.

Because after each product change, the visual calibration needs to be re calibrated. It is difficult to shorten the visual calibration time. We must improve the algorithm to make it intelligent and flexible enough to meet customer needs. If we only lock the screws, this is simple, and with the requirement of changing the line time, it is difficult to achieve. Therefore, we have specially developed an intelligent calibration algorithm, which greatly reduces the calibration time Zeng Yuquan said.

It is reported that there is a talent reserve construction system covering doctoral experts, Systems architect and engineers within Shanlong Intelligent Control. The entire R&D team involves three fields: visual technology, control technology, and production line process technology. Relying on the advantages of the R&D team, Shanlong Intelligent Control has strong research and development capabilities in motion control and visual technology.

Automation may seem simple, but it's difficult to do it well, to the extreme, 'he concluded.

In addition, in order to further improve the efficiency of the screw machine, in the new product design, Shanlong Intelligent Control has changed the original method of sucking screws with a straw to blowing screws, reducing the step of sucking screws and greatly improving the efficiency of the screw machine.

It is worth mentioning that on March 28, 2019, the Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition opened grandly at the Convention and Exhibition Center. At this exhibition, Shanlong Intelligent Control made an appearance with its intelligent screw machine. In addition to the intelligent screw machine, Shanlong Intelligent Control's standard cycle time is 0.45S, supports multi-threaded development, and the SCARA robot with end vibration suppression function and harmonic vibration suppression function, as well as the bus type injection molding machine robot's dedicated drive control integrated machine CD6030, also made a brilliant appearance, Attract the audience to stop and watch.

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