Shanlong Intelligent Control: Integrate the advantages of integrated drive and control, and develop





Driven by the national policies of 'Industry 4.0' and 'Made in China 2025', the market of the automation industry has significantly warmed up in recent years. At the same time, with the continuous recognition of Chinese manufacturing by end customers, the localization process of core components has accelerated (especially in the mid to low end market). Under this trend, the business growth of local enterprises has become inevitable.

In recent years, there have been some new changes in the market in response to the demand for domestic automated transmission and control systems or equipment. For example, in terms of the trend of integrated development of drive and control, integrating controllers and drivers in technology to enter the existing market with integrated drive and control solutions has become a trend. This type of solution is not only applied in the current popular robot market, but also in non-standard automation systems including traditional CNC fields. The drive and controller have always been the focus of Shanlong Intelligent Control's products. Regarding the development of integrated drive and control, Shanlong Intelligent Control believes that integrated drive and control is not simply about 'packaging' the drive and controller, but rather achieving data exchange and resource sharing between the two, making hardware and software more closely integrated, achieving a true sense of drive and control integration.

Shenzhen Shanlong Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of digital intelligent manufacturing equipment. Currently, Shanlong Intelligent Control mainly serves the automation industry market with three product lines: controllers, servo drives, and solutions. Its business scope focuses on the transformation of 3C product production lines, utilizing the advantages of core components to provide customers with high-performance, cost-effective product solutions. The company continues to make breakthroughs in technology, focusing on the segmented market of automation line transformation, integrating the advantages of the company's controllers and servers as well as industry application experience, and successfully customizing multiple production line solutions for multiple listed companies. This is also an important breakthrough point for Shanlong Intelligent Control this year.



Taking the latest visual screw machine solution developed by Shanlong Intelligent Control as an example, by integrating robot control technology and servo drive technology, Shanlong Intelligent Control has successfully launched multiple visual SCARA screw machines. These new screw machines are specially customized for the transformation of the 3C automation line. They utilize the characteristics of the visual system to solve the problem of low assembly line accuracy and inaccurate robot positioning, freeing manual labor from the repetitive mechanical work of locking screws. This is also an important step for all enterprises to achieve production line automation. This type of screw machine adopts a movable design and can be paired with any production line without making changes to the original production line. Utilizing these features can not only help production enterprises reduce production costs and improve production efficiency, but most importantly, enterprises do not need to invest too much in renovation costs.

With the continuous progress of technology, manufacturing production equipment is showing increasingly automated and intelligent characteristics. Integrated solutions are one of the inevitable trends, which can not only reduce manufacturing costs but also improve product stability; At the same time, more 'Internet plus' applications will be gradually integrated into the transmission control industry. Shanlong Intelligent Control will continue to provide customers with more cost-effective products based on their actual needs, combined with their own technological and product advantages, to help enterprises reduce operating costs and improve profitability.