Making the equipment more intelligent, Shanlong Intelligent Control Drive Control Integrated Machine





At the end of 2022, the Guangdong Provincial Association of High tech Enterprises held the selection of Guangdong Province's famous and high-quality high-tech products. Following the principles of fairness, impartiality, and scientificity, as well as the procedures of expert selection, review, and review. Shanlong Intelligent Control's 'Drive Control Integrated Machine' has been awarded the title of 'Guangdong Province Famous High tech Product'! Shanlong's achievements in the development of high-tech industries, as well as its exemplary force in technological innovation and high-quality products, have been recognized by experts.

The Shanlong Intelligent Control 'Drive Control Integrated Machine' integrates robot technology, motion controller, driver control circuit, and teaching box as one motion controller. It can be applied to fields such as SCARA robots, articulated robots, injection molding machine manipulator control, truss lathe control, truss stacking manipulator control, etc. The drive control integrated machine integrates two major functions: drive and control, and is more closely integrated from design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance, enabling the implementation of new control algorithms such as speed feedforward, acceleration feedforward, and low-pass filtering. The new controller replaces traditional controllers and drivers with the same or even smaller overall dimensions. The entire device has a compact structure, reduced wiring, increased reliability, and simpler operation.

The integration design of the two core components of industrial robots has been completed through the implementation of the integrated drive and control system of Shanlong. This can reduce the cost of industrial robots by at least 40%, thereby reducing the price of industrial robots. This has played a significant role in promoting the replacement of imported robots by domestic industrial robots and the popularization and promotion of industrial robots.


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