Make the device more intelligent, Shanlong Intelligent Control won the "Red Sail Award"





On December 20, 2022, the '2022 Shenzhen Intelligent Manufacturing Conference' and the Shenzhen Advanced Manufacturing Industry 'Red Sail Award' ceremony organized by the Shenzhen Electronic Equipment Industry Association and the Shenzhen Intelligent Equipment Industry Association were successfully held in Shenzhen. The selection of the 'Red Sail Award' this time has abandoned the previous evaluation model that only focused on 'industrial design innovation ability', and evaluated the enterprise's strategic decision-making ability, market expansion ability, resource integration ability, system management ability, and innovative research and development ability from multiple dimensions.


Since its establishment in 2000, Shanlong Intelligent Control has adhered to the corporate mission of 'continuously providing valuable intelligent solutions', with 'integrity and win-win' as the company's core values and theme business philosophy. Starting from the control system of sewing equipment, guided by the market, with innovation as the soul, quality as the life, and talent as the foundation, we have gradually expanded our application fields, forming multiple product lines such as motion control, robot control, servo drive, CAD/CAM software, cloud service platform, and so on. With excellent product quality and customer praise, it has been fully recognized by the organizers and evaluation experts. Stand out among numerous selected enterprises. Awarded the 2022 Shenzhen Advanced Manufacturing Industry 'Red Sail Award'.


All those who make a name for themselves are those who accumulate knowledge and make a few mistakes;

All composure and composure are tempered by worldly events;

All the skills and skills are honed and honed;

The Shanlong people are steadfast in their progress, striving to seize every moment and being down-to-earth doers. To continuously provide valuable intelligent solutions for customers and strive tirelessly to become the most respected intelligent control enterprise!