Enhancing Management Ability and Building an Efficient Team





2021 is a year of rapid development for Shanlong Intelligent Control, with successful research and development of new products and steadily increasing market performance. In order to meet the development needs of the company, enhance the management ability of senior management personnel, and create an efficient, pragmatic, united, and cooperative management team, on June 19, 2021, executives of Shanlong Company held the kickoff meeting and class opening ceremony of the 'Core Executive Management Ability Enhancement Coaching Project and Learning Team Construction' at the Innovation Valley headquarters, with Li Dong of the company attending the class opening ceremony. General Manager Zeng Yuquan led department heads as trainees to participate in this improvement project.

This is a series of training courses conducted by Professor Li Ping, who has many years of experience as an EMBA supervisor, as the project coach, with the goal of improving the theoretical level of business management of the company's core management, guiding changes in management thinking, management methods, and practical abilities in business management.

The chairman emphasized at the class opening ceremony that every manager has room for improvement and a willingness to do so. He hopes that through this learning and training, everyone can learn to be knowledgeable, interrogative, cautious, discerning, and practical. Finally, achieve happy learning and happy work! Senior management is the leading force for the development of Shanlong, playing a crucial role in connecting the past and the future in the enterprise. In the current rapid development of Shanlong, it is both an opportunity and a challenge for every manager. Through this training, senior managers have different inspirations and insights, and have expressed the need to transform and apply training knowledge into practical management work, become an excellent manager, and grow together with Shanlong.


提升管理能力 打造高效团队


提升管理能力 打造高效团队

提升管理能力 打造高效团队