Jiang Hao, an excellent customer service personnel at Shanlong Intelligent Control, takes meeting cu






Jiang Hao

Technical Support Engineer, Aftersales Service Department, Jinan Office

Motto: When there is heat, there is light

Person's note: Jiang Hao joined Shanlong Intelligent Control in 2017 and started on-site debugging for the new project CI3042 M3 in September 2018. In July 2019, he participated in the testing of the CA40B project and was responsible for the pre-sales and after-sales of Shanlong Intelligent Control CNC system. He also followed up and collected customer feedback on demand issues.

His name is Jiang Hao, and he is a technical support engineer from the Jinan office of Shanlong Intelligent Control.

He is a bit dull and cute, and also a bit homesick. He doesn't usually talk much, but it is said that he talks the most to clients.

According to his colleagues' feedback, during peak hours, he can receive up to 60 phone calls a day, mostly from customers for equipment inquiries. Is this the legendary 'true love'?

However, behind this' true love ', it is a testament to the client's great trust in him and a recognition of his abilities. Shanlong Intelligent Control's CNC system ranks high in industries such as panel furniture, metal carving and milling, jade carving, glass grinding and cutting, and its products have also undergone years of market testing and received recognition from customers. These are all the footprints of many mountain dragon people, gradually striving to create them. As a part of them, Jiang Hao believes that in addition to solid technology, the most important thing should be to cultivate and practice high-quality service, that is, to meet customer needs as our own responsibility. If customers have needs, we must arrive as soon as possible.

One thing that left a deep impression on him was that one evening in late June of this year, around 7 o'clock, he received a phone call to go to customer C to debug the equipment. The customer had to ship the equipment in the early morning of the next day, and he had not had dinner yet. After receiving the call, he quickly ate some food to fill his stomach, and immediately took the car to the customer's site for debugging, rectification, and processing. When he finished his work, it was already around 4 o'clock in the morning, Finally, the equipment was shipped on time.

Just as he finally breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to take a break, half an hour later, he received a call from customer D. The customer said that there was a problem with the debugging effect and hoped to be promptly addressed on site. As the shipment was due at noon that day, he immediately rushed to customer D overnight for debugging, rectification, and processing. Fortunately, the equipment was also shipped on time.

Although he spent the whole night tirelessly debugging machines at the customer's site, he felt that his busyness had solved the problem for the customer, which was very valuable and fulfilling his promise as a service personnel, putting customer needs first.

This is a small episode in the numerous technical support work of Shanlong Intelligent Control, where Shanlong people fulfill their promises to customers through their own practical actions.



Faced with the full trust of the client, he felt very relieved, but the long and high-pressure work also caused discomfort to his body. In April of this year, he suffered from a hair follicle infection on his head, which often caused headaches. The doctor strongly demanded that he take a vacation, but he still chose to stick to his job position and continue serving clients.

Although he suffered from physical discomfort, he still felt fortunate to have joined the team of Shanlong Zhikong. Shanlong Zhikong has enabled him to grow rapidly from a fresh graduate into society, understand the significance of work and the goals he strives for, and quickly integrate into the team, working together with team members, and collaborating harmoniously.

On September 20, 2018, the first CI3042 M3 was debugged at manufacturer i, almost a year ago. At that time, the equipment could not run at a speed of even 10 meters per minute. Members of Jiang Hao's Jinan office and colleagues from the R&D department worked overtime at the customer's site, rotating day and night on duty. Problems were discovered and needed to be corrected on-site. In the end, the equipment ran at a speed of over 100 meters per minute, Efforts and efforts have finally achieved good results. The birth of the first device and the accumulated experience have taken the products of Shanlong Intelligent Control M3 bus to a new level.

The rapid development of Shanlong Intelligent Control has provided good opportunities for employee growth. In three years, he has been promoted from an intern to a customer service specialist, and then to technical support, growing rapidly. In his work, he learned how to communicate with clients and gained a lot of practical experience. Although he sometimes felt busy and tired, he also experienced a sense of joy in pain and gain in fatigue. These valuable experiences will lay a solid foundation for him to make new progress in his future work and learning.