Take the big prize with your hands! Shanlong Intelligent Control Tiktok+WeChat Image Creation Compet





From August 26 to September 26, pick up your mobile phone, record the image of Shanlong's intelligent control products around you, and publish them in Tiktok or WeChat circle of friends, you will have a chance to win a prize!

Award settings:

First prize: 1 Xiaomi Xiaoai classmate with a value of 299 yuan, 1 speaker

5 second prize winners with a value of 169 yuan. 41 Xiaomi sports bracelets

10 third prize winners with a value of 89 yuan, 1 Xiaomi stand mounted Bluetooth selfie stick

20 fourth prize winners, 1 Xiaomi backpack worth 29 yuan

Scoring rules

Your score=video quality × 50%+playback volume × 30%+likes × 20%

The number of likes must be at least 32,

Sort the total score of each video for this event from high to low.

Entry requirements:

The shooting time is 15 seconds

The video content is mainly based on Shanlong Intelligent Control products, supplemented by device operation

The entire video must be clear, not blurry, and able to clearly see the Shanlong Intelligent Control product

L When Tiktok releases a small video, the topic # Discovery Shanlong Image Creation Contest must be added, otherwise it will be deemed as refusal to participate in this activity

L After the release of the small video, please follow Shanlong Zhikong's Tiktok account, and add a WeChat official account, Shanlong Zhikong. Private mail will inform the staff of Shanlong Zhikong of your Tiktok account and WeChat account participating in this contest.

All interpretation rights for this event belong to Shenzhen Shanlong Intelligent Control Co., Ltd.