Shanlong Intelligent Control Makes a Wonderful Appearance at the South China Automation Exhibition





The 3-day 2019 South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition closed on the 28th. As an authoritative communication platform for the intelligent manufacturing and automation industry in South China, this exhibition covers an exhibition area of 35000 square meters, bringing together 512 top enterprises from 13 countries and regions such as Germany, South Korea, Canada, the United States, Japan, Singapore, China, Italy, etc., focusing on six major sectors: intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots, intelligent control systems, mechanical transmission systems, machine vision, and industrial Internet of Things, Equipped with international resources and professional services, we help accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing industry, and contribute to the industrial development of South China and even the entire Asia Pacific region.

At this exhibition, Shanlong Intelligent Control showcased products and solutions such as intelligent screw machines, injection molding machine manipulator dedicated drive control integrated machines, CNC systems, servo systems, etc.


Shanlong Intelligent Control focuses on the field of industrial automation and is a leading provider of motion control systems, industrial robots, and system solutions in the industry. Shanlong Intelligent Control has years of assembly experience in the 3C and smart home appliance industries. The displayed intelligent screw machine only takes 5 minutes to change lines, making it particularly suitable for online assembly of 'multi variety, small batch' products; The perfect combination of barcode recognition and intelligent batch technology enables real-time uploading of assembly data to the MES system, making the assembly process transparent; The drive control integration and servo electric batch technology with independent intellectual property rights can easily achieve customization.


At the exhibition, the products displayed by Shanlong Intelligent Control attracted the attention of many companies, and immediately many companies expressed their desire to further understand and cooperate.