Shanlong Intelligent Control has successfully won the top ten system integrators in the 3C industry





On June 14, 2019, the 'Brackent&midt; 2019 (Second) High Tech Robot Integrator Conference and Top Ten Integrators Award Ceremony' organized by High Tech Robotics successfully concluded in Dongguan Songshan Lake Everbright We Valley. The '2019 Top 10 System Integrators' selection activity initiated by Gaogong Robotics has undergone intense competition and ultimately settled the dust. Shanlong Intelligent Control has successfully won the '2019 Top 10 System Integrators' award in the 3C industry due to its excellent performance in intelligent screw machines and solutions.


It is understood that this award ceremony was initiated by Gaogong Robotics. In order to break the current situation of information asymmetry between robot enterprises and application industries, and based on the urgent need for intelligent upgrading in the current manufacturing industry, Gaogong Robotics is soliciting top ten robot system integration cases for the robot industry, in order to promote technological innovation of robot enterprises through applications, and to address the characteristics of regional industrial clusters, Focus on sorting out segmented markets with long-term sustainable potential. After intense competition, a total of 62 companies won seven awards in this selection activity.


Shanlong Intelligent Control products cover three major product systems: industrial robot solutions, control systems, and servo systems. The products are widely used in industrial robot system integration, electronic equipment, carving and milling, metal processing, sewing industry equipment, and other fields. Relying on years of technology and industry accumulation, Shanlong focuses on niche markets such as 3C, providing customers with a complete set of services from key components to system solutions, with products and technologies reaching industry-leading levels.

The small batch and multi variety characteristics of the 3C industry require flexible production lines, which is the goal pursued by robot enterprises and system integrators. The Shanlong screw machine is based on a self-developed servo motor, controller, and drive control integrated machine. Compared to ordinary screw machines, it adopts high-precision absolute value servo and harmonic reducer transmission and output. The machine has small size, light weight, can move quickly, is very convenient, and has high transmission accuracy, Its latest intelligent screw machine and production line solution has received widespread attention in the industry due to its integrated design, precise locking function, and flexible characteristics. At present, Shanlong Intelligent Screw Machine has been successfully applied to giant enterprises such as TCL, Skyworth, and Lenovo, and has become a high-quality supplier for these giants.