This Dragon Boat Festival is different from 'zongzi





Green poplar drips heavily with rain, and five colored new silk wraps around corner zongzi.

In the twinkling of an eye, the Dragon Boat Festival, which is also called the four traditional Chinese folk festivals, together with the Spring Festival, the Tomb Sweeping Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival, has also arrived.

On the Dragon Boat Festival, eating Zongzi, rowing dragon boats, dancing dragon lanterns and lively celebrations are about to begin.

As thousands of households raise their glasses to drink yellow wine and celebrate the holiday together, the 'people-oriented' business philosophy of Shanlong Zhikong also provides different holiday experiences for all employees on this special holiday.

On June 5, Shanlong Intelligent Control sent Zongzi and other festive gifts to all employees, offering holiday blessings to everyone, reflecting the company's humanistic care for employees.

这个端午  与“粽”不同

Shanlong is a leading provider of motion control systems, industrial robots, and system solutions in the industry. With years of technology and industry accumulation, it focuses on the three major segmented markets of 3C, textile and clothing, and CNC. It can provide customers with a complete set of services from key components to system solutions, and its products and technologies have reached industry-leading levels.

这个端午  与“粽”不同

Shan Long believes that talent is the primary resource of the company and adheres to the employment standards of 'integrity and talent, putting morality first' and the selection methods of 'democracy, openness, competition, and selection'. Implement humanized management, while achieving the overall goals of the enterprise, provide each employee with sufficient development space to realize their own value.

Happily receiving the gift in hand, everyone feels warm in their hearts. Under the cohesion of Shanlong, all members of Shanlong will closely surround the chairman and senior management, work hard, and grow together with Shanlong!