Application of Shanlong Sharing Intelligent Screw Machine in 3C Online Assembly





On May 17th, the 'Smart' Dongguan 'Digital Factory Application Forum, hosted by CMM Exhibition and Smart Industry, was successfully held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center! Dongguan, located in the core area of the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, is also known as the 'Capital of Mobile Phones' and 'World Factory'. This forum gathered industry-leading enterprises and experts to share the digital applications of industrial internet and 3C electronic production lines. The attendees come from mobile phone manufacturing factories and professional audiences in industries such as smart home appliances, smart wearables, traditional home appliances, automotive electronics, medical electronics, IoT electronics, and new energy electronics.


Mr. Mei Rui, Sales Director of Shanlong Intelligent Control, shared with everyone the application of intelligent locking screw robots in 3C online assembly on site. He introduced the performance and advantages of the intelligent locking screw robot integrated with Shanlong Drive Control, which has been widely used in various occasions. He summarized the characteristics and product lines of the intelligent locking screw robot, and listed several typical customers such as TCL, Skyworth, Lenovo, etc., which caused a heated discussion among the audience.


Shanlong Intelligent Control has many years of assembly experience in the 3C assembly industry. With the advantages of independent research and development of control systems and machine vision technology, the intelligent screw machine developed by Shanlong Intelligent Control only takes 5 minutes to change lines, making it particularly suitable for online assembly of 'multi variety, small batch' products; The perfect combination of barcode recognition and intelligent batch technology enables real-time uploading of assembly data to the MES system, making the assembly process transparent; The drive control integration and servo electric batch technology with independent intellectual property rights can easily achieve customization. Its automated assembly solution centered on intelligent screw machines has won recognition from multiple well-known enterprises and has emerged in the field of 3C automated assembly.


In the future, Shanlong Intelligent Control will continue to provide valuable robot solutions as its mission, driven by technology and applications, adhere to independent innovation, and become the backbone of the 3C assembly automation industry.