Chairman of Shanlong Intelligent Control was invited to attend the 2019 AI+Intelligent Manufacturing





On the afternoon of July 31st, a group of artificial intelligence experts from both domestic and international sources, as well as a group of leaders of Shenzhen artificial intelligence enterprises, gathered at the Shenzhen Han's Science and Technology Center. At the 'Artificial Intelligence Industrialization Road Summit Forum' hosted by the Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, many 'sparks' collided: both the sharing and cooperation plan of cutting-edge technologies and the assessment of the future development direction of Shenzhen's artificial intelligence industry. The forum was hosted by Fan Congming, Executive Chairman of the Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association. The association's specially appointed expert representatives and enterprise representatives, as well as representatives of the Shenzhen artificial intelligence industry, shared themes. Representatives of 100 enterprises including Foxconn Group and Skyworth Group attended the meeting. Li Yaobin, Chairman of Shanlong Intelligent Control, was invited to attend the conference and shared a speech with the conference titled 'Practical Exploration of the Development from Traditional Control to Intelligent Control'.


He believes that traditional control is the foundation of intelligent control, and intelligent control is an extension and progress of traditional control. The current system design should take intelligent control as the main idea from the beginning, only in this way can the designed system be more adaptable and more vitality! At the same time, he also showcased the latest research and development achievements of Shanlong Intelligent Control in the field of intelligent control - the intelligent screw machine. This product is equipped with Shanlong's self-developed drive control integration, visual positioning system, intelligent servo electric batch, and has functions such as intelligent control, intelligent recognition, and intelligent locking. It has been successfully applied in the 3C and home appliance industries, becoming a high-quality supplier for large enterprises such as Skyworth and TCL.


At this conference, Mr. Li Yaobin, Chairman of Shanlong Intelligent Control, served as the leader of the domestic intelligent control industrialization and was specially appointed by the association as the Chief Industry Expert of the AI Manufacturing Committee.


Shanlong Intelligent Control is a leading provider of motion control systems, industrial robots, and system solutions focused on the field of industrial automation. The company's products cover three major product systems: industrial robot solutions, control systems, and servo systems. The products are widely used in industrial robot system integration, electronic equipment, carving and milling, metal processing, sewing industry equipment, and other fields. Based on years of technology and industry accumulation, Shanlong focuses on the three major segmented markets of 3C, textile and clothing, and CNC, providing customers with a complete set of services from key components to system solutions, and achieving industry-leading levels of products and technology.

The experts, scholars, and business leaders attending this conference believe that artificial intelligence enterprises in Shenzhen have the opportunity to speak out on the world stage and will definitely emerge as unicorn enterprises in the artificial intelligence industry in the future. The association will also strive to provide technical, financial, legal, intellectual property, and other support for artificial intelligence enterprises, providing a platform for technological exchange and guidance on investment directions. In the future, Shanlong Intelligent Control will fully cooperate with the members of the association to cooperate with the work of the association, and rapidly develop with the artificial intelligence industry in Shenzhen, occupying more market share in intelligent production, especially playing an increasingly important role in flexible production processes.