CI3140-M3 Bus Servo Scheme






frequency   Digital transmission, with a transmission rate greater than 500KHz of pulse transmission, to avoid displacement caused by overclocking and pulse loss.

absolute value   Standard absolute value function, automatic reading of motor position, no need for origin switch, zero error in machining before and after power outage, no trace connection, communication encoder more suitable for long-distance motor control.

Wired wiring   Reduce early wiring and production time, and save installation time; The bus makes the wiring of the electric control cabinet more concise and aesthetically pleasing.

Stage protection   It can achieve simultaneous locking of the system and servo, with unique anti disassembly function, effectively preventing delays in payment.

Easy to debug   Online reading of servo parameters on the system, one click setting and distribution, without the need to debug the servo one by one.

High Response   The theoretical transmission value of the bus is 100 times that of the pulse. When multiple axes are processed together, it can effectively avoid machining disharmony and overall effect deformation caused by response rate issues.

fast   MECHATROLINK III bus maximum Baud 100Mbps, transmission cycle 31 μ s. The speed response frequency of 1.8KHz and the setting time of position speed command can reach below 2ms.

precise   23 bit absolute encoder with a resolution of 23Bit.