S200 handle type four axis controller





S200 handle type four axis controller


The Shanlong S200 is a four axis motion controller with simple and practical handle operation. Built in 4G memory, it supports reading and writing larger processing files with faster reading speed, without the need for secondary loading on the machine. It has the function of reading absolute value encoders, truly achieving breakpoint free machining, especially suitable for applications such as circular carving and jade carving.

Product features:

◆ Support for more processing file formats

Support the four axis mainstream file formats in the market, including ENG format output by Elaborate 6.0, standard G-code output by power mill, etc., without entering

Line decoding, direct import for use.

◆ Support network transmission

It has independent network ports and wireless Wi Fi functions, combined with Shanlong management software for easy customer quantification management, and supports system monitoring, file transfer, and other functions.

◆ Support absolute value encoder function

Due to the increasing demand for carving accuracy in four-axis engraving applications, the system supports absolute value encoders to read the actual position of the motor in real-time, enabling precise engraving

Higher degree, zero position error free when powered on.

◆ Servo alarm function

The independent servo alarm function makes machining safer and facilitates maintenance and problem finding.

Application fields: three-dimensional circular carving, stone carving, jade carving

Performance parameters: