There is always one product in the SCARA screw machine product series of Shanlong Vision that is sui





There is always one product in the SCARA screw machine product series of Shanlong Vision that is suitable for you


1、 Introduction to Shanlong Screw Machine Products

Shanlong Vision Screw Machine is a universal and mature equipment based on SCARA robotic arm, consisting of screw feeding system, locking mechanism, control system, and visual system. Compared to ordinary screw machines, SCARA screw machines use high-precision absolute value servo and harmonic reducer transmission and output, with the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient movement, and high transmission accuracy. In recent years, the 3C electronics industry, known for its 'multi variety, small batch' characteristics, has grown rapidly.

2、 Introduction to Shanlong Screw Machine Product Line

1. Product Line Composition


山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你

MC0013-SC - Single Station

Product advantages: simple and compact structure, higher reliability

山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你

MC0023-SC - Dual Station

Product advantage: suitable for two types of screw locking occasions

山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你

MC0064-SC-Multi Station

Product advantages:

u  Suitable for locking wire locking of large-sized workpieces (working range 1m)

u  High efficiency, capable of simultaneously adsorbing 6 screws

u  Scalable real-time torque detection module for process monitoring

山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你

4. Product Line Features


uStrong applicability, especially suitable for online assembly operations on fully automated production lines;

uHigh locking efficiency, with an average locking time of less than 1s per piece (slightly different products);

uComplete fault alarm processing functions such as floating height and sliding teeth, making it easy to maintain in case of abnormal work;

uVisual guidance technology is suitable for situations where the error accuracy of workpieces or fixtures is not high;

uAdopting the CD6040 drive control integrated machine with independent intellectual property rights, saving space and facilitating customer customization;

uComplete product line, capable of achieving 1-6 workstations

3、 Three Advantages of Shanlong Screw Machine

Product Line Advantage One: Integrated Drive Control Design

u  Integrated design to improve device stability       ◆Data sharing improves device response and performance

◆ Rich interfaces for more convenient expansion

山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你

Advantage 2: Locking mechanism

The precise positioning of Shanlong's screw locking system relies on the tolerance fit between the screw and the suction nozzle, the axial accuracy positioning of the screwdriver head, and the movement mode during locking to ensure the locking accuracy.

山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你

Advantage 3: Screw machine specific vision

The Shanlong vision system uses well-known industrial cameras, paired with self-developed screw specific visual software, to easily achieve visual positioning.


4、 Shanlong Automation Assembly Line

1. Production line integration

This production line is an automated production line independently developed by Shanlong, as follows:


u14 assembly stations, 2 testing stations,

u6 4-axis screw machines, 2 6-axis robots, 1 dispensing machine, 1 soldering machine, and 1 plug-in machine

uSuitable for assembly and testing of 10 products such as servo and controller

uMixed tooling board mode

uReserved data interface for easy access to production management system

2. Assembly Line Diagram

山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你


3. Applicable products

山龙视觉SCARA螺丝机产品系列  总有一款适合你

5、 Application field

Shanlong Vision SCARA screw machine is suitable for assembly and inspection of toys, automation products, Small appliance, hardware, car navigation, audio and other products.