Simple rope embroidery solution





Shanlong Embroidery Solution - Simple Rope Embroidery

On the basis of flat embroidery machine, simple cording embroidery control system can realize the traditional taping embroidery function by adding cording & taping embroidery mechanism aside the machine head. Like sequin device, simple cording device can be simply installed to the first/last needle position without occupying the machine head completely. Its cost is relatively low, and its embroideries are comparable to those of the traditional taping embroidery. We can say it is a product of veritable cost- effective control system for special embroidery.


Product Features

● Small Device, Powerful Function

Only simple mechanical device can help realize taping embroidery function. Comparing with the traditional taping embroidery machine, it has the characteristics of simple structure, flexible installation, and low cost.

● High Efficiency

The speed can reach to 1000 rpm, which can facilitate the production efficiency.

● High Compatibility, Easy To Install

By installing the control box for simple cording embroidery, the taping embroidery function can be realized on any brand of machines, and it has no effect on the previous control systems.

Report Error When No Cord And Compensate Embroidery Automatically, High Degree of Automation

When the cord got stuck or ran out, the system would report error and stop the machine automatically. Besides, it would repair embroidery on any machine head, which is very helpful to reduce the worker's workload.




The all-independent simple cording embroidery function is completely isolated from the master control system, and it is quite suitable for old mechanical reformation. This would improve the utilization rate and further satisfy the practical embroidery needs. When installing the new machine, adding the device can enrich the embroidery function and promote the machine value.