Gold embroidery solution





Shanlong Embroidery Solution - Gold Sheet Embroidery

Shanlong is the pioneer who develops the sequin embroidery control system and gains years of technology accumulation on the field. Along with the constant changes taken place in the sequin embroidery market in recent years, the company has never stopped the research and development of sequin embroidery solution, so as to satisfy the various demands. The system supports single sequin embroidery and multi-sequin embroidery, and its data formats are compatible with all the sequin formats in the market today. 


Product Features

●Support Various Sequin Modes

Including large sequin, small sequin, overlap sequins, etc.

●Support Diversified Sequin Specifications

Support all sequin specifications in the market today, from 2mm to 22mm. The main shaft speed of 2mm sequin can reach to 1000 rpm.

●The Stepping Motor Uses the Newest Control Algorithm

The new control algorithm makes the sequin sending motion gentler, and it provides torque guarantees for high speed sending and large sequin sending, so that sequin dropping phenomenon can be prevented.

Sequin Control Parameters Are Convenient To Adjust And Take Effect Immediately

The parameters can be set on the operating head, including the parameter of motor angle fine adjustment. This is conducive to debugging and usage.


SL Embroidery Design Software With Hot-fix Rhinestone Design Function

●The software supports 15 kinds of sequin modes mixed by A/B/C/D sequins. The powerful custom function is newly added so that users can freely design more colorful sequin patterns;

Support 30 kinds of sequin styles, and the styles can be customized;

Manual sequin function can help place the sequin as needed, it is very helpful for irregular sequin design;

It can realize the setup of different sequin specification, density and styles;

Support linear sequin and regional filling function, which provides more design modes for users and increases the efficiency;

A comprehensive gold plate editing scheme allows for easy modification of the dst flat embroidery pattern version to a multi gold plate pattern version.